Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Its Cold out There
by Kathy.

Baby - Its Cold outside = this is my song of the week.
listen as you check-out my take on Kathy's theme.

Its cold outside today, but nothing to photo, as its sunny at the moment and it froze only once this year so far, so into my albums

My Header - ICE WORLD
How on Earth did you! - well - I will tell you.
couple of years ago we left a bucket of water outside for the birds, after a freezing night - the bucket wasn't completely frozen, but just the top was, I gently tipped the bucket upside down and eased the bucket up, letting all the water out and left the ice top. well!!
I certainly got a shock when I saw this - quick camera - my own little ICE WORLD.

More ice photos
 Icicles on Julies Studio

 Macro ice

 Iced up windscreen on car

 Macro icicle

Macro Ice Chandelier

Even the water in the  watering can Froze.
I do not believe it lol

Ice Chandelier not as close

 On the Yorkshire Moors - just before the sun came up
Its Cold out there!!

Our Garden a few years ago.

Now for the other week when we had a deep frost.
 In the Park

and also from the Park
Brrrrr - its cold in there!!!

AND to finish with
BABY "its cold out side"
Warm yourself up with a HOT TODIE

Thats all Folks
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Linda said...

While I am not a fan of ice in the sense of walking on it, I do love ice and snow photos. Lovely series, Stewart.

Jackie said...

Winter wonderlands, Stewart.
Just beautiful.
Gotta shake my head at the watering can, though. :)
Warm hugs,

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun captures of your wintry scenes.

Katney said...

Great wintry mix!

Craver Vii said...

Spectacular! Thanks for sharing the how-to for your header image--I appreciate that!!

Christine said...

Ice does some pretty amazing things, and you did a great job of capturing it all. I think I'll go have a hot drink now...!! ;)

Lew said...

The cold works its magic on water. A wonderful collection of cold images!

Anonymous said...

I see that you have the winter you were it ought to be - in the camera :-)
I hope that you will only get the nice parts of what's coming.

ju-north said...

Love your ice photos - it's like a whole new world!