Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Butterflies by Lew

My song this week is by Bob Carlisle singing Butterfly Kisses.

God created Man-Woman and all things Beautiful

My Header
2 butterflies creating new life

Next stage comes the caterpillar - then the Chrysalis

Here we see the Butterfly braking out of the Chrysalis and pumping its wings up.

Now - let me show you the Beauty of the Butterflies that I have captured interacting with Humans

 Who says Butterflies are camera shy? One landed on Js little point n shoot camera

 Another landed on a baby in their pushchair  - looking for a crumb or 2

 Hows this for being friendly, if only we could communicate eh!

Another took a liking to Julie also.

Now for a collection of Beauty

I hope ev1 has enjoyed my collection of Butterflies - Short but a Beautiful life.

Please go to my side bar near my shield and see what the other HEADBANGERS have shown for Lew's choice of BUTTERFLIES.



Lew said...

Beautiful! That's quite a collection you have found. And friendly ones too!

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

RuneE said...

Spot on - literally!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Just wonderful Mac, you have some great butterflies in England.

Craver Vii said...

I have to laugh when I see a toddler's reaction to butterflies, because people of every other age seem to delight at the thought of a butterfly landing on them. Not the little kids, though. That's cute.

Your being in England and all, I wonder which side of the road these butterflies flutter.

Carletta said...

Stunning shots! I adore butterflies and you have captured some lovely ones. They definitely aren't elusive to you.The song is one of my favorites.
Well done Sir!

Betsy Adams said...

Great group of butterflies, Stewart. Wish I could choose a favorite --but I can't. They are all beautiful.


ladyfi said...

Wow wow wow - these shots are spectacular!

DeniseinVA said...

Outstanding Stewart!!! How I love butterflies and flowers, and the interaction with humans is also a great series.

George said...

Your butterfly collection is beautiful. The colors and details are vibrant and crisp. I like the photo of the butterfly helping J with her photography.

Dar said...

Butterflies are so gorgeous no matter what...and your collection flies.
Life is Good

James said...

Truly beautiful!

Gattina said...

I don't know what to say all the pictures are so gorgeous ! It's a long time I haven't seen a butterfly with colors the only once I saw looked like moths!

photowannabe said...

Stunning,and beautifully captured.

Sandy Carlson said...

You sure did capture some beautiful butterfly moments. Thanks for sharing these!

Jackie said...

Look at all the color (colour) that abounds in these photos!!
The beauty of nature is indescribable, and you have captured it wonderfully here with your camera. These are splendid shots. But, then, you are a splendid photographer!!