Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Relax by Christine

Is ev1 feeling Relaxed this Morning folks
Then I will begin.

What better way to relax - while on Holiday - or in fact any day will do -  than by having a lick of an ice cream
My Header - this is not ME if you are wondering-lol.

Captured this young Lady Relaxing on the beach having a fag.

Chained Artists Relaxing on the beach Painting.

Julie and I relaxing in St Ives Cornwall.

Nothing better than a little music to relax ev1.

A hide away seat in the woods to sit and contemplate on.

Sit and relax while taking a Jaunt through the Park.

Scottish Sheep Relaxing.

Relax and stroll along the beach as the sea laps across your toes.

Relax and wish you were on the sailing ship.

A retired Tractor,lol

Two ladies relaxing after gardening with a cuppa (tea)

and thinking of 
A well earned Brandy to finish the day off with.

Well folks - thats yer lot.
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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Textures are everywhere you look,
be it in House,Garden,Clothing, Countryside,Coast, Doors,Buildings, Trees, Fabric, even us folk.
Now the question is - what do we choose to show - well I have a  collection for you
So, without anymore Ado ---

My Header
An Old Derelict Cotton Mill
Just love these Textures here.
A Part of this mill - just to the right - is now an Art Gallery.

Another Beautiful Texture is RUST.
This really caught my eye, with the little pockets filled with pebbles

Tree,Wall and Moss Textures.
Love how the tree has grown over the wall here.

Mirror Magic with Texture of Fabric.

These Textured Stones are from the Roman Days,
Actual Roman stones from the Spa baths of Bath City.

Colour and Texture within a cave from Cornwall, must be quick, as the tide was coming in.

Texture of an old door - from St Ives.
This Door is called Roger's Door, an Artist from Cornwall.

B/W Texture of an old cobbled Street.

Texture of Moss and  stone work on a tiled roof.

I love this shot, Texture from an old boat, with its rope on the beach.

Texture and colour from a Sculpture by Barbara Hepworth, in her Garden in St Ives - Cornwall.

Texture of the famous Crying Baby Sculpture from Oslo.

A Lovely Photo from the Isle of Skye - Scotland - full of Textures, with Julie photographing Textures of course,lol.

Textures from a Tree and Growing Fungi.

Last  - but not Least -

My Fun Spot Shot.
of Brickwork

Our Dear Friend and Ex HEADBANGER
Christopher Frost
on Duty.

Well Folks - Thats yer Lot

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Revisiting Old Headers

A little breather for all this week - only searching through past Headers.

My Header this week is - 
A celebration of our 1st year as HEADBANGERS.

here we have a little selection through our 6 years of posting.

Not in Order.

Dedicated to our Soldiers.

I love a little STEAM.

What would we all do without FRIENDS.

This day  - the Sky was full of RED.

Tis a pity Christine is away - she Loves Paris.

There's another World below the Waterline.

You wouldn't believe how long this took me to make,lol.

Just for a change - where would we be without our Flowers.

You need Lots and Lots of Stamina for this sport.

Here's where my sense of Humour comes in
Did I  hear a little groan - just then? lol

OK to finish off with
What better  way - than to finish off with,

Thats yer lot HEADBANGERS for this week.
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