Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Shadows by Lew

Sun,Sea,Sand,Shell Sculpture,Shadows.
all by Stewart.
What more could one ask for?

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"I Hear those voices - that shall not be Drowned"

A Tribute to Benjamin Britten.
A 12 ft high Sculpture by Maggi Hambling on the beach @
Aldeburgh.  East Coast of the UK

((Google for more info))

{did you notice the 4 Heads to the left??}

My Shadow Post Pics

Birds in Flight

Shadows by Lamp Light

Fence Shadow

Shadows from Merlins Cave

Shadows in the Grave Yard

An Artist @ Work - casting a shadow

A Playful dog - and his Shadow

Shadows in Bluebell Wood

 Shadow Selfie and   
 the Intrepid Two lol

To Be or Not to Be
I'll leave this one for you all to 
Think About?

Thats all Folks
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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

by Christine

Letting goooooo - Looking forward to seeing Christine's 
Letting Go - as she has something in Mind, as to my
Letting Go - I have a mixture to show ev1.

My Header
Letting Go - Verbally.

Post Pics of Letting Go
Letting Go of a Building - to Rack n Ruin.
I just love to Photograph Buildings like this for their colour and Textures.

 Letting Go - with the Wind

Letting off Fireworks and see them Go.

Letting Go of Balloons - and see where they land - in this case - with the Waves.

Letting Go of a Feather, as it drifts down a stream.

Letting Go of the Cork of a Bottle of Bubbly - to celebrate todays Winner ??

Letting Go of the edge and being pulled down into the Vortex of water - Down the Plughole,lol

All Packed up of your Worldly Goods and Letting Go of one House and on the Move to Another.

Mother Duck - Letting Go of her little chicks -- As Most Mothers have to with their Children - when the time comes to face their first time  to move out permanently to face life.

Nows the Time 
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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Any Sport not played with a Ball
by Mac

Welcome to Belton House - Horse Trials 2014

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It was a slightly overcast day - with a little sunshine, a wonderdfull day was had by all.

Here we see the transporters and one of the Horses.

Here's two just trotting down to take part in the Cross Country Trial.

A photo from the Cross Country Event

Another rider warming up for the main Event

Here's a Photographer clicking away on the warm-up 

Another Photographer inside the course capturing the Main Event

Here's my favourite  shot of the Event - also my Header

To finish of my Post  - 3 shots rapid fire


Thats all folks.
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Any Sport with-out a ball.