Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dont Rock The Boat
by Mac

My showcase music today 
is Highlighting
Tom Wigley
1 of Tom W choice was Johnny Cash
so  TomW & ev1 - Enjoy

Dont Rock The Boat, was my choice and My Header just shows you what can happen if you do - Rock The Boat

My Header

Now let me show you some Boats getting Rocked
Careful Kids - don't rock them there boats

In - out  -- in - out  Together - and PLEASE don't rock this boat!!

Get off that phone and SIT - you're gonna Rock this boat.

Careful - don't rock the boat, or you'll have ev1 get soaked.

Just rock it gently Sid, I was up all night!!

 Rocked - by the Sea

Push gently, so you don't rock the boat Fred.

Can some of you folks move over to the left hand side for balance please.

Now to the big ships

Lower gently - don't let it rock

Dont lean over the side to much Harry, the seas are gonna be a bit rough soon and we'll rock quite a bit.

Hold on Tight chaps - The sea looks as if it could be a little rough out there and we could Rock a little!

Well thats all folks
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

09-04-14 = NIGHT LIGHTS by Craver

I'm showing & Playing Tom - Fishing Guy's choice of 
Music this week.
Country Music - Sugarland.
please listen to this lovely music while you scroll thru my post.

Night Lights, 1st thought is Car Lights @ Night.
Trying to think outside the box  - once more.

Nottingham's City 

My header
Nottingham's city square
Patterns and colours changes

My Posts
The Large Ferris Wheel
Also some buildings were lit up.

Decorated Trees
Ello ello ello
Wots happening here then?
An out-of-space Family appears out of nowhere?

Time we moved up to the Castle
Pretty coloured lights in the bushes

The Daleks - are here to create havoc

No - Wait - Dr Who to the rescue ev1.

Nottingham's City Lights from the Castle

To finish with - 
Make a donation to Charity, anyone could have their short message put on a huge heart shaped balloon for 3 minutes.
Here's my message to my Darling Wife Julie.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

SMILE by Tom F/G

Tom, was one of three that set up The Header Challenge
TomF/G // Tom Wigley // Stewart (imac)

Tom W or Womtig was the Chappie who came up with the shields for our little Competition called The HEADBANGERS.

I have changed my Header and Posts - to welcome Tom W back into the fold, so those who don't know Tom W will see him.
This is the Return of my 65th Birthday Party from last year.

The  Film of my Party was filmed by my mate Brian, and the Music by SEABIRDS, our youngest Rob is In the group
Also Steve Carlisle from Mike Penders Searchers was also singing.
So please take time to see this film and enjoy the music.

My Header
My Header and Cake - Julie came up with this idea for my cake.
There's me getting down to the job as usual - photographing St Ives - Cornwall(our most liked place to visit, oh, also the Seagull too.

Cutting of the cake.

Right to Left
Tom and Jane
Julie and Stewart
and not forgetting Little Stewart knitted and made by Tom W

Tom and 2 stewarts.

More Friends and ex Headbangers - Christopher and Gail Frost.

My mate Brian Filming the show

The Seabirds - Youngest son Rob on the left
Who' s playing on the film.

Julie and I take to the floor with Steve Carlisle playing.

Now - to see the old man move

Bit stiff next morning, lol

 Rob came down to celebrate with me

Jamie  Oldest winning a raffle prize also took some of the Photos

Photo play by Tom W. Thanks Tom, Love it.

Loving Kiss to thank Julie for being my Wife-Lover and friend.

Well folks - thats it for now.

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