Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Watch my short film of 
The Colourful Carnival Dancers.

CARNIVAL = Summer time - Colour, Music, Dancing, Shows, Rides, Stalls, Laughter, Fun, Animals, Food n Drink, Fireworks, in other words = Fun for all the Family.

Let me try and show all of these in my Header and post pics from Carnivals and Fetes from all around the UK.
All rolled into One Big CARNIVAL.

What better way to start the Carnival off with
My Header by a dance from the Morris Dancers

Now we're off to a great start lets see what rides we have
Nothing like the Big Horses, going up and down and of course Round and Round
Food for thought maybe?


Yo - oh what fun round n round and spinning upside down, causes a thrill and laughter with a shout and scream or 2

Also for the Kids
The Clowns put on a show.

Steam - causes a lot of interest for the kids and also the Adults.

Also for the Kids and Adults
Dr Who
And his Car.

Also for the car Lovers
From across  the Big Pond The Cadillac - All nicely polished up.

A Spot of Entertainment 
A Local group with a little folk n blues.

Time I think for 
An Ice cream

Now how about
A Leisure Cruise along the Canal?

Time to see some Animals
The Alpacas - Ain't they just too sweet n fluffy?

Now then - Stalls - A Must to see
Don't forget to Visit

The Local WI Ladies Stall, with homemade Jams n cakes ect ect.
All great food served with a lovely smile.


Just time to nip home or eat at the Carnival ready for the Evening  
Colour and Entertainment

To Start the evening off we have 

Colour n Girls Dancing for you delight
Now please sit,stand, with your glass of wine or Champers
and listen to the eve Show
For your Delight we have the Famous
Katherine Jenkins
So Sup,listen and ENJOY the Evening Entertainment

To Finish our Carnival we have 

Well, I do hope that you all have enjoyed My Perfect CARNIVAL.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WATER by Mac

Short film of Alnwick Gardens and Water Features
this is where My Header and some post pics are from
{{hope you enjoy}}

My WATERS come from 
St Ives
Alnwick(pronounced Anick)

Grantham Waters
Bubbles in a Bath Tub

Raindrops on a Blade of Grass

A Dripping Tap could lead to

Belton House Lake

Photographed in London facing the Sun

City Square Fountain

St Ives
A wave crashing against the sea wall, taken at a slow speed - quite pleased with the results

Alnwick Gardens and Water Features
My Header - The Wall of Water.
I was standing behind the Wall of Water - Photographing my mate taking a photo from the other side of the Wall of Water.

Twirls of Water jumping out

Water Jewels - fast speed to capture these from a fountain

A fountain with formation drops and Reflections

To finish off with 
A VORTEX of Water.
A well of water slowly fills up - when reaches the brim it stops
the plug at the bottom is released and opens  - the water slowly goes down getting faster and faster  - as the water twirls round and round faster it creates this Vortex (a hole) in the water.
Very fascinating watching this keep repeating the Vortex.

 Julie just watch-out don't lean over there too much - otherwise---


Julie down into the Vortex.

Thats all Folks

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All my Photos here are straight  from the Camera, just a little tweak here and there.

Except the Last shot of Julie in the Vortex..


Julie was fine and not hurt.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

PUP by Craver

definition of PUP - baby dog, baby seal, ect.
Pup - also means an inexperienced child, and this is my choice of this theme of PUP by Craver

My Header

YES - Tis I, just a PUP, A young inexperienced Lad
on holiday at Skegness with my Mum And Dad.

Whatever Happened to that young PUP?

Now, lets see what this inexperienced Lad turned into shall we,

Wait for it!!!






My Passion for Music @ The Royal Albert Hall

My Passion for Cruising - The Godfather.
Black n White evening.

 My Passion for Waistcoats
Mr Music Man 
The Scottish Laird

Now for my biggest Passion

My Photography.

BUT I also like playing around and acting like a fool




My Selfies - sitting in front of my iMac
Power to my Brain & Mirror image.

Well folks - thats all for my thoughts on Cravers Theme of 

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