Wednesday, 20 August 2014

BIRD by Craver.

Listen to my music this week folks(all about BIRDS)

Here's a Poem about Birds.
© Stewart Mackinder 1995.


I see you hover and land upon a tree,
Then hop onto yon fence to see,
But then all at once you take flight,
For you had me in your sight.

Flutter not little bird upon thy wing,
For I will feed thee if thy will sing,
So come sing me a song of merriment twitter,
Through the seasons until autumn's bitter.

Now take to your wings and fly away,
To a warmer climate until the month of May,
Then softly come tapping at my window pane,
To sing and grace my garden once again.


My Header

Uk - Robin Redbreast.

Now for my post photos of Birds
The performing Goose

Eye to Eye with a Peacock.

Feeding time for a Blackbird.

Some kind of Hawk - having a stretch.

The colourful Mandarin.

A Red Kite, flying over my head.

Thrush - after grubs.

Swallow or Swift? - feeding its babies.

Formation flying by Seagulls.

Goose landing.

Last but not least
Heron at speed.

I hope you have enjoyed my selection of BIRDS by Craver, also enjoyed my Poem.
(19 yrs ago) = don't time just FLY BY.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

B/W v COLOUR by Fishing Guy

My song choice this week is called Black and White,
So listen as you scroll down my B/W vs COLOUR

My Header
Not only B/W but sunlight and shadow.

 The Queen of the Lake

 Autumn Walk @ Belton House

 Belton House Boat House

Church - Stained Glass Window

Art Display on a Staircase in Carlisle

Stoke Rochford Hall

 Derelict Cotten Mills

 Grasses along the Canal

Looking across the Thames Estuary from Canvey Island

And to Finish with - B/W Vs Colour = Mixed

I Love Colour - but - B/W gives a photo that little Extra Panache

Although - B/W doesn't suit every Photo.

I do hope you will enjoy my Choice of B/W vs Colour.
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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


If you have the time (my friends) please listen to my music spot this week, Its a beautiful song all about Dreaming of meeting your Maker.

My theme for this weeks choice of  The other Side  is Dreams.
Couldn't make up my mind which photo to use for my Header until I found this song - its as tho they were meant to be together, so listen and look , and I hope you all will enjoy and agree ---
Dreams -- when you are asleep, you are on the Other side of reality.

My Header
As the song says - Dreaming of meeting My Maker.
Dreaming of being In the House of our Maker waiting to meet GOD.

Mt Post Pics
A Dream of going through the Archway to the other side.

A Dream of moving house into the unknown Ghostly mansion.

A Dream of floating in outer Space - when this fish comes floating by

A Dream of being lost in the shadows of a cemetery.

A dream of meeting the wide eyed Green 

Ahoy there! A Dream of being the only person on a sailing ship

Dreaming you are swimming down to the bottom of the ocean.

A Dream of being lost on a long road and you don't know which way your home is.

Have you ever Dreamt that you are in a long passage and all the doors you try  are locked and you can't get out?

Lost on -  The Other Side - all you can see are the reflections of your Lantern.

The Gold Rush
You're Dreaming you are out in the Wild West of the USA and in a race with another Steam Engine to get your passengers  to the west coast to stake their  claim of a Mountain which holds Gold
beyond all your dreams.

Pity you woke up at this moment init,lol

Hope you all have enjoyed my take of  - The Other Side 
with DREAMS.

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