Wednesday, 3 December 2014

by Lew.
Talk about Black Friday, all shops are packed with folk shopping till they drop - trolleys full to the brim, folk shoving and pushing,kids crying. STOP.
How long are the shops closed for - 2 days at the most….(if that)

Rant over - Christmas mood into gear.
Lets just think about Christmas - 

Christmas is time for Giving and loving.
Nearing the time for Baby Jesus Coming.

Lets also spare a thought for those folk who are alone,
Time to think of those - 
Those who are suffering with illness,
 Those who  are not long for this life.
A five minute visit will bring a little happiness and cheer,
To their Hearts.
My Music spot song is Christmas is Coming with a Drum Roll

My Header
The Town Cryer - telling the folk early at the Morning Christmas Market day that CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

First things first
Lets get all those Christmas and New Year messages written on these Christmas Cards and sent.

Now time to nip down to the Christmas Fayre in Town.

 Children waiting to see Santa,

Christmas is nothing without a little Tinsel!

Enjoy the SNOW SHOW scenes.
Children just love these.

All the shopping centres are decorated

 Don't forget all YOUR Decorations and Lights - Too.

Everyone gathers around the Tree at the Guildhall Service for the SWITCH-ON.

Plenty to see at night too at the Christmas Market

Time to get those last minute pressies

Lovely to see most folk dressed up for the Auld Christmas Market.

On the way home we see
Some folk have Christmas Decorations outside their Houses.

AND if you have forgotten and don't know what to buy for someone??
The Christmas Plant
The Poinsettia.


Thats all folks,
Nip to my side bar, near my shield and visit the other HEADBANGERS 
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George said...

It certainly looks as if you are prepared for the arrival of Christmas. All of your photos are beautiful.

Craver Vii said...

The pa-rumpa-pum-pumm drummer boy did a neat and clean job with that Pentatonix song. I thought it was most appropriate. Yes, the holidays are hard on retailers and restaurants alike. We would do well to shower them with extra kindness to compensate for the increased stress these days.

Anonymous said...

You have obviously got the Christmas spirit! Grantham must be the place to be these days :-)

Linda said...

Not only children enjoy the snow scenes, people who are children at heart, like myself, enjoy them, too! I love all your photos here. I love Christmas. :)

Linda said...

Hi Stewart, thanks so much for your kind comment on my today's blog post. As far as my own photos, I haven't put up any of my photos. I lost my camera on a bus in May of this year and nobody returned it, unfortunately, and I cannot afford to buy another camera, so....this is why I haven't been sharing my own photos. :(

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lovely captures for the theme Mac, so nicely done.

Jackie said...

As I scrolled through here, you can only imagine the big smile I had on my face. I love your work, Stewart. I always have....
These are beautiful photographs.

Christine said...

Fun, fun, fun! Love the tree "switch on"!!

Lew said...

Wonderful collection of Christmas photos! You Brits know how to celebrate in style!