Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Watch my short film of 
The Colourful Carnival Dancers.

CARNIVAL = Summer time - Colour, Music, Dancing, Shows, Rides, Stalls, Laughter, Fun, Animals, Food n Drink, Fireworks, in other words = Fun for all the Family.

Let me try and show all of these in my Header and post pics from Carnivals and Fetes from all around the UK.
All rolled into One Big CARNIVAL.

What better way to start the Carnival off with
My Header by a dance from the Morris Dancers

Now we're off to a great start lets see what rides we have
Nothing like the Big Horses, going up and down and of course Round and Round
Food for thought maybe?


Yo - oh what fun round n round and spinning upside down, causes a thrill and laughter with a shout and scream or 2

Also for the Kids
The Clowns put on a show.

Steam - causes a lot of interest for the kids and also the Adults.

Also for the Kids and Adults
Dr Who
And his Car.

Also for the car Lovers
From across  the Big Pond The Cadillac - All nicely polished up.

A Spot of Entertainment 
A Local group with a little folk n blues.

Time I think for 
An Ice cream

Now how about
A Leisure Cruise along the Canal?

Time to see some Animals
The Alpacas - Ain't they just too sweet n fluffy?

Now then - Stalls - A Must to see
Don't forget to Visit

The Local WI Ladies Stall, with homemade Jams n cakes ect ect.
All great food served with a lovely smile.


Just time to nip home or eat at the Carnival ready for the Evening  
Colour and Entertainment

To Start the evening off we have 

Colour n Girls Dancing for you delight
Now please sit,stand, with your glass of wine or Champers
and listen to the eve Show
For your Delight we have the Famous
Katherine Jenkins
So Sup,listen and ENJOY the Evening Entertainment

To Finish our Carnival we have 

Well, I do hope that you all have enjoyed My Perfect CARNIVAL.
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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Cool views of your carnival Mac. What are they doing with those sticks in your header? Beating each other or beating snakes?

Lew said...

Fantastic carnival, Mac! You Brits dress up more for the carnival than we do (except for the guitar guys. Love the old steam tractor and I should have guessed Dr. Who would be at your carnival!

Christine said...

Great, great photos. Love the merry-go-round; so much color! And the picture that looks sideways but it's the kids who are really sideways--that's pretty awesome!

Craver Vii said...

Well it looks like your side of the pond knows how to party in style!

RuneE said...

And a great time MUST have been had by all.