Wednesday, 6 August 2014


If you have the time (my friends) please listen to my music spot this week, Its a beautiful song all about Dreaming of meeting your Maker.

My theme for this weeks choice of  The other Side  is Dreams.
Couldn't make up my mind which photo to use for my Header until I found this song - its as tho they were meant to be together, so listen and look , and I hope you all will enjoy and agree ---
Dreams -- when you are asleep, you are on the Other side of reality.

My Header
As the song says - Dreaming of meeting My Maker.
Dreaming of being In the House of our Maker waiting to meet GOD.

Mt Post Pics
A Dream of going through the Archway to the other side.

A Dream of moving house into the unknown Ghostly mansion.

A Dream of floating in outer Space - when this fish comes floating by

A Dream of being lost in the shadows of a cemetery.

A dream of meeting the wide eyed Green 

Ahoy there! A Dream of being the only person on a sailing ship

Dreaming you are swimming down to the bottom of the ocean.

A Dream of being lost on a long road and you don't know which way your home is.

Have you ever Dreamt that you are in a long passage and all the doors you try  are locked and you can't get out?

Lost on -  The Other Side - all you can see are the reflections of your Lantern.

The Gold Rush
You're Dreaming you are out in the Wild West of the USA and in a race with another Steam Engine to get your passengers  to the west coast to stake their  claim of a Mountain which holds Gold
beyond all your dreams.

Pity you woke up at this moment init,lol

Hope you all have enjoyed my take of  - The Other Side 
with DREAMS.

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ju-north said...

Does Julie dream of having a 'quiet' day with you?!!

katney said...

LOL, ju-north. I think you've pegged it.

Craver Vii said...

The music had a pleasant sound. I like the dreamy set.

The space fish reminded me of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Unfortunately, Douglas Adams did not believe in the other side, but I'm sure his theology is more accurate now. That is not a thing to be left to chance or taken lightly.

Lew said...

Wonderful images to illustrate going to the other side of this life! I was not thinking in terms beyond what my eyes can see.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun post Mac,dream away my friend.

George said...

I love your header and all the photos in this post. You did a great job of illustrating the other side of dreams.