Monday, 25 May 2009

Dorothy's History Lesson on Grantham UK (1)

Dorothy watches, as we drive into Grantham's Town Centre for our History lesson . Dorothy checks out the places to visit

Grantham's Guildhall Arts Centre and Sir Isaac Newtons Statue, who was born nr Grantham.
Click Here for the Info on Sir Isaac Newton

Grantham is also famous for the birth place of Margaret Thatcher, The 1st and only woman Prime Minister of the UK. (so far).

Time for a break and a coffee at Costa's.
Where Dorothy gets to know Zak the Zebra
Next the Angel & Royal Hotel.
The oldest Inn in Britain 1203AD
Where 7 Kings have stayed the night, as Grantham is straight in line between York and London and roughly 1/2 way.

To be continued.....
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George said...

I'm delighted that Dorothy is allowing you to post pictures of her visit to Grantham. That 800 year-old hotel is very impressive. I look forward to seeing more.

Pouty Lips said...

Was the Iron Lady born in Grantham, or did she grow up in Grantham? History was never my best subject. I enjoyed this post since this is the closest I'll probably ever get to Grantham.

Cezar and Léia said...

I think the 1st pic shows Dorothy feeling a bit sick of travelling by car, no? LOL Fabulous pictures, the places are beautiful!
Cezar & Léia

Granny on the Web said...

I just have fallen in love with Dorothy!
Is she yours, or have you borrowed her for the day?
I have whizzed through Grantham. Lots of history there.

Love Granny

lv2scpbk said...

That is so cute with the bear. Neat idea for me to scrapbook doing that with one of my grandson's stuffed animals.

RuneE said...

There should be enough history for everyone here - one more place I want to visit!

PS I have been away dor nearly a week with only a "mobile broadband", so mostly pre-posted blogging. I'll have a look.

Your mother-in law must be "in the pink". We have "Queen Victoria" here at the moment... She is about to leave.

(and also one called "Grand Voyager" as far as I can see.)

Denise said...

Tremendous post, enjoyed Dorothy's history lesson. It was first class! She's adorable by the way. Beautiful photos too. Thanks for such an enjoyable visit, but then all my visits are. Have a great week.

Marka said...

Awesome series! Love the teddy bear!

jinksy said...

Does that Zebra have wings, or am I halucinating? Love the 'expression' of the bear looking out of the car window!Hehehe...

Mrs. Salty said...

Dorothy seeing these historic sights is interesting and enjoyable; the photo with Dorothy on Zak Zebra is too cute; and he is wearing earrings! I love the photo of the signs; very classic!