Monday, 25 May 2009

Dorothy's History Lesson on Grantham (2)

1st of all Dorothy wanted to stop off at the Grey Bears Love Meeting Now we stop off at St Wulframs Church, Grantham.
6th highest spire in the UK.
Dorothy just sits in awe, as she has never seen anything as old as this before.
(or that she can remember she

Dorothy whispers to me, that those beautiful windows are incredable and sighs " I could sit here ALL day and soak in all this history "

More of Dorothy to follow later.
Click to enlarge and enjoy the photos.


Cezar and Léia said...

Glad to see Dorothy's adventures!
That church is outstanding!Fabulous stained glasses but my heart here is beating fast for the first shot! CUTE !
;-) Léia

Pouty Lips said...

The store window with the gray bears was a good find.

Granny on the Web said...

Lucky Dorothy, she is going to have a heap of tales to relate when she gets home.
Lovely church windows too.

Love Granny

Denise said...

Dorothy is having a wonderful tour of Grantham and thanks to those wonderful photos so are we. I will enjoy the links too. Thanks for another great post.

Anonymous said...

Aww! Did she make friends with any of the grey bears? I love the shot of her looking at the signs in the earlier post.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the thing Olivier does when he travels. I forget the name of the stuffed toy.

George said...

I agree with Dorothy -- I could sit in the church all day soaking up the beauty of those windows and the history of the place. The last photo, when enlarged, is absolutely gorgeous. I can hardly wait to see where Dorothy takes us next!

Gail's Man said...

Ha, ha, an amusing way of showing us around Grantham. Have you had her long? A childhood friend perhaps, who looked after you when you were sad.

Willard said...

It looks like Dorothy is having a good time! That is certainly different than watching deer in Pennsylvania!

I knew you would think of a lot of creative situations to photograph her in.

i beati said...

Dorothy makes me laugh or think always Sandy

Suldog said...

Dorothy is lovely, and I look forward to more of her journeys.

Thanks so much for stopping by over at my place, and for the kind words!

By the way, did you see my piece, "Rosie"? I think Dorothy would appreciate it!

fishing guy said...

Mac: We had a commercial on TV where they used this effect. You got some nice snaps as you went along.

Salty said...

Sorry it took me some time to catch up with Dorothy's adventures but my computer was down for a few days.

You are doing a great job showing Dorothy your town and I'm already looking forward to the next post :)

Mrs. Salty said...

Dorothy has met up with fellow bears; that is so neat. The chandelier and stained glass windows in the church are breathtaking!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hullo Dorothy!
Watch owt for thoze grey Bears!
They're well mischiffy!