Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Items found - by Kathy.

My Items are a range of Posters and Signs 
Found and Photographed

 Going back in time - just a few years,lol

Now - my last poster might come in handy sometime in your lifetime,lol

Now lets see some Signs that I have found and Photographed

My Header - signs from the past

Up to date sign from Cornwall

Thought this was a Great Sign - lol

This one - I'm sure most folk will relate to this Sign
Kids! in the back seat of the car - 5 minutes after leaving Home EH!!

Sign found at a Motor stop
where every one heads for
Could-not resist Photographing this Sign.
Gee, listen to all the Ladies agreeing with this Sign,lol

for my last sign - this was found in a Garden Centre Gents Loo
For all my Friends across the Big Pond

Couldn't help Not to Photograph this
Collection of Signs Posted Loo(Toilet)

Thats all Folks

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Katney said...

I think I have an old Coleman's Mustard tin. If I don't, it is my brother or my son.

Great collectoin, Mac.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nicely done Mac.

Lew said...

Great collection of found signs - especially to have found a personal one!

Christine said...

Great collection of photos, Mac! I love the war posters especially.