Thursday, 16 April 2015

Signs of Spring
by Tom our Fishing Guy

Well Headbangers - its a quick turn-around for me on this Challenge - Fore when you play, I'll be in Ireland, so Im posting this B4 hand.

So, Tom thinks its about time Spring reared its Beautiful head, and what better to show all you lucky folk - how spring has bloomed in the UK

My Header
A  Macro shot of a (sticky bud) beginning to bloom - showing us all that Spring has arrived.

More of Macs Macro

Couple of weeks ago it was a warm n sunny day - so off I went - with my camera's for a stroll along the river - to see what there was to photograph, apart from my Macro shots - this is what I found

And- this is our beautiful River on this warm Spring day 

Well folks we'll be in Ireland when you vote, so I'm sorry but can't comment or vote on this weeks challenge
So GOOD LUCK to you all MDFs

You must now know where to go to find these good Friends to see how spring has treated my friends across the Big Pond - but if not sure
Go to my side bar - near my shield and check them out

(will be back SOON) 


Jinksy said...

Dancing daffodils! Yeah! One of my favourite scents - so much so, I went mad and treated myself to a huge bunch, delivered by post from Jersey. My tiny garden only blessed me with a dozen or so, and most of those treated the local slug population, not me!
Thanks for a great set of spring pics, Imac. :-)

George said...

I hope you're enjoying Ireland. You did a beautiful job of capturing Spring. I love your macros.

ju-north said...

Lovely spring shots! You've captured them beautifully!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nice captures Mac, England is beautiful in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the spring is just as beautiful as you show here. Enjoy it!