Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Old Photos by Lew

My Music spot is from the past also
All about photos

A trip up into the loft and a long search for a few "OLD" Photos + a few newish too.

Starting with my Mum as my 
I took this before entering my Teenager Years - just at the  beginning of my Passion of Photography. (I'm pleased I have leaned a little).

Now lets go further back in time shall we?
"Yes" it is I and my Mum, going back some 63ish yrs ago.
Photographer, My Dad I think.

Coming forward many years we have
My Mum, Taken by my Stepfather (I Think)
Before she got Alzhimer's. 

Photographer unknown.
This young Lady is my MIL Jessie.
At a very early stage - as a young girl Jessie was in a Dancing group and performed and travelled around the Country on stage, one show that I know of was The White Horse Inn.

Jessie later on was into Ballroom Dancing - Here she is Posing for the camera's after winner the News of the World(newspaper) Championships.
Photographer unknown

Later years - Jessie was into Cruising, and here she is with her friends who all are in a Dancing club that go Cruising together.
Photographer Unknown

Here's Jessie (with Julie) (Taken by me)
This is before Jessie took bad on a Cruise with a stroke
and after a lot of problems found out she had Vascular Dementia and is now in a residnetial Home near us.

Going back a few years also 
Photographer Unknown

This young Lady is my beloved Julie, coming home from school.

The next shot was taken by me 
Here's Julie and our friend Gill we all had been to a show and met the stars after and I took their photo
The Pop Group called 
The Searchers.

Well folks thats all I'm gonna show you this week
of the Past and nearly up to date photos.

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George said...

I very much enjoyed your photos from the past. Thanks for making time travel so pleasant.

Lew said...

Indeed, a nice visit to the past! You MIL was quite a gal!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun to look into your past Mac.

ju-north said...

Loved seeing these old photos - they are really special. Hope future generations will have some to hand around rather than have the digital photos disappear into the great unknown

Christine said...

Love how you showed the past and present with all your photos. Such precious memories!

Anonymous said...

Ah - those were the say! Once a photographer - always a photographer :-)