Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cell Phone Pics
by Craver.

Listen to my Music - Very Moving.

This has been my Hardest Challenge  - so far
My Mobile does not take photos!
My thoughts were to use Julie's Mob, but how do I get them on my imac ? and what do I take?
I  thought I might mob pic Julie's Art.

Come Tuesday - still racking the ol brain,
As we listened and watched the Parade and the 2 minutes Silence
It all came to me - the complete operation.
To use Julie's Mobile - Juilie's Art - then came the out of the box thinking - Photograph the Photo on Julie's Mob(taken by me) then--with my Nikon and show the photos+Mob

My Header
Julie had donated on line for Poppy Day and then had made us both a Poppy.
There are 18pieces to the centre of these Poppies, each piece to represent 50,000 Lives Lost in the 1st World War to Celebrate 100 yrs. 1914-2014. Hence all the Poppies at London Tower. Of which we have paid and ordered one of the said Poppies.

Now to see some of Julies Art.
Taken by me on Julies Mob-then photographed julies mob and photo.
All these works of Art are on show in our House.

Summer's Day
Julies 1st completed Painting that went on show.

Memories of France

A period of time staying with her Pen Friend in France

Memories of  Southern Ireland
Roundstone - West coast of Southern Ireland

Now Julie's into Quilting and is very busy with quite a few things in progress

Here are 2 pieces that Julie made a little while ago.
3 Guesses who they are,lol

On show in our Bedroom - over our Bed.
((so we know which side we sleep on))
lol lol lol 
Thanks Craver - for testing out my Brain Cell. lol

Well folks - thats it.

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(cell phone pics.)



ju-north said...

What a load of talent in your house! Lovely to see some of both your creations. btw. My iPhone is one of the most useful cameras. Can recommend them

George said...

I think you managed to pull off this header challenge very well. There's obviously a lot of talent in your house.

Anonymous said...

Now, that was a bright idea - kudos to both of you!

Craver Vii said...

This turned out very well. Thanks for being a good sport.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nicely done Mac. Julie is certainly talented.

Christine said...

Mac, what a creative solution to your dilemma! Glad you can think outside the box. Julie's art is truly beautiful; what a treasure to have displayed around your home.

Katney said...

Now that is really thinking outside the box. I expected some of us to have a problem completing this project, but it appears that all of us are of a mind.

Phones are for communication.

Cameras are for photos.

Linda said...

This is fantastic!!!

Lew said...

Cleverly done! And a fitting header to remember those WW I soldiers. The poppies at the tower were awesome!

Anonymous said...

A creative solution - very artistic!