Tuesday, 4 November 2014

by Tom-our Friendly Fisherman.

Listen to my UNEXPECTED song by
SUSAN BOYLE from Britains got talent


A twist on the book by Robert Louis Stephenson and film
Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Back in the days of FILM PHOTOGRAPHY - I photographed my ex Brother in law then his Dog.
On picking up the photos from my film being processed - I found this photo - of course, I had forgotten to wind on the film - hence
the result
and Now 

More unexpected photo's

I photographed this dying tulip - and I am pleased of the outcome, which was unexpected

Unexpected Delight with this photo of a Dragon-Fly.

This snail was held fast on a pane of glass, I went round to the other side and took a photo - Really unexpected from the results.

A photo of Grantham's Guildhall - playing with colours and adjustments - came up with these Unexpected Results.

Photographing the Large waves in St Ives - on checking the results - found a window of St Ives Harbour.

A bucket of water left over night to freeze outside - taking of the layer of ice and underneath - Unexpected ice World to photograph

Unexpected Pleasure to see the result of photographing this Red Pepper

Out in the Vale of Belvoir, this Red Kite flew over my head, quickly held camera over head and click - Untold Pleasure to find this Unexpected great capture - a chance in a 1000.

A chance of changing a photo into a negative reversible type,
An unexpected pleasure when someone ordered a mounted photo of this.

Well thats my Unexpected Results  -
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Craver Vii said...

I once managed to get a double exposure on purpose with film, but it was not easy. I had to hold the film release button on the bottom of the camera, as well as holding the advance wheel in place, while simultaneously pressing the shutter release. The shot was of a crisscross image of a pen on a tile floor. I wish I still had it.

Yes, that shot of the kite is a one-in-a-thousand--good catch!

Katney said...

We have a picture of my in-laws little Scottie sitting in a top hat. It was years before I figured out it was either a double exposure or a cleverly printed trick in the processing.

Craver, you are too young probably to have had a camera which did not automatically advance. The days of the accidental double exposure are long gone.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nicely done Mac, some sweet captures.

Lew said...

Fantastic results, Mac! Hope brother-in-law was not offended. Great series of surprise shots.

Christine said...

When I saw your header I guessed that film would be the culprit! Although, my nifty Canon 6D has a double-exposure mode--I'm going to have to figure it out!! And also, your macro photography is really just simply stunning. I think that is where your true photography gift lies. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Even red peppers can have fine results! Though I expected you to get one anyhow :-)

George said...

You did a great job with these unexpected results. I really like your header and it sounds as if it was truly unexpected. I also like your tulip and large wave photos. Very well done on all of them.