Wednesday, 8 October 2014

by Mac

My music this week is a little lad busking in the street.
Well worth watching and listening too.

Well folks, you know me, another out of the box thinking week here.
You may well ask, Are these Street Entertainers?
Well! They are not People as I guess you all thought. These Birds -Turnstones of St Ives are very entertaining to watch, they dance around and almost ask for a titbit to eat, they gather together on the rocks and street by the ocean. Last year I happen to catch these 2 Turnstones in step together, therefore I offer my Header as the 2step Turnstones as Street Performers.

Now for my Post Pics which ARE people.

This is the Floral Dance Day in Helston Cornwall. These Dancers, once a year dress up in their top Hat and Tails  - and Best Evening Gowns, and dance through the street, also the Children have their dance too.  There are also buskers,actors,singers, ect, plus many stalls and food merchants, not forgetting all the pubs selling drinks.

These two Street Entertainers are also at Helston, in their Cornish getup- (dress)

Also from Cornwall
In St Ives was this band of street entertainers, this lass could really play the drums

Here we have also from Cornwall - this chap played very well and his hat and beard attracted many folk to watch him entertain the public.

A true Street Artist at work - we watched him for about 10minutes, he was very swift with his brushes.

From Spain this chappie didn't want to be Photographed but said I could photograph his wonderful work. As you can see.

From Bath - a multi tasker for sure.

This chappie Artist was so in love with this young Ladies singing, you can see by his face, he was lost from the World around him.
Great Street performers.

From Edinburgh
The invisible Man.

This Lady claims to be the lady with the most Piercings?
(wonder if she takes them all out having a shower- lol)

To finish off with

This young Breakdancer lad was just fantastic to watch, moves that I thought was impossible to do - he has also been on TV a few times, 

Well Folks - thats my Street Entertainers - hope you all have enjoyed.

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Lew said...

Fantastic! Great shot of the birds in step and a fun post all round. Wonder if the man from St Ives was dancing with his seven wives?

Anonymous said...

What a collection! Not a dull moment in sight - well done.

Ps I have moved to

Craver Vii said...

Welcome back! Exquisite set of photos, Mac!

IMHO, the Cornish Duo and the Bearded Harpster are the quintessential images of street performers. I recognize the Pierced Lady from a published image in a photography book. She's famous!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Really cool photos for the theme. Really surprised you found Bill Engvall "Her's your Sign" on the streets playing a drum.

Linda said...

Stewart, they are fantastic, I missed your posts. The first one, especially, caught my eye. Gorgeous!

Katney said...

We have a lot of out of the box shots this week. But then again, a lot of street performers are kind of out of the box themselves.

Christine said...

Great collection of performers, Mac! I love your perspective on the artist. Nice to have you back this week!

George said...

I love your header, but the dancers in the Floral Dance Day are pretty neat as well. All of your street entertainers are fantastic.