Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nature by Tom Wigley

Listen to my soft music and photos of Nature
As you check-out My Nature.

In the Beginning - Before Man.

GOD Created the Heavens and Earth and said
and there was Light
The warmth of the Sun and Rain from the dark clouds
Brought forth
Land with growth and Seas, Lakes and Rivers.

Let me take you back - to the Beginning - Before Man
with Photos from many Countries.

We Start with Snowcapped Mountains
The Highest points of our Planet Earth

Glacier's - These will begin to melt - sadly-when Man appears

Huge water falls - see the Green that the Rain and Sun brought forth
The water rushes into the Ravines and create Rivers that run into Seas

Other parts on the Planet - Lakes and Trees

and in other parts we see
Different kinds of Vegetation
Ferns - that grows and curls.

Now we get
Fungi growing - Strange sort of Plant - which will spread and there will be many varieties very soon.

Lets move to another part of our Planet
over rivers and seas
Boiling hot water Springs, bubbling away
Suddenly up shoots a large amount of Boiling Water, High in the sky
Later to be called a Geyser

Further a field
we find
Large amounts of Real smelly stuff, smouldering away.loads and Loads of it. 
Later to be called Sulphur.

As the Sun starts to go down over the Seas,lakes, rivers,forests,vegetation, Sulphur, Fungi,Waterfalls, Glaciers and Mountains

It gets Dark(Night) We look up and see A big shining ball
Which we now call our Moon.

Now - we Should Ask every - Man & Woman,
of all Races and Countries
Whatever your Religion
Please take care of our NATURE and save our Planet Earth
Before its TOO LATE
May Your God Go With You


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Starnitesky said...

Beautiful photos and very thought provoking.

Betty Manousos said...

great views and skies!
fantastic captures my friend!

have a lovely week ahead~

Craver Vii said...

Brilliantly done, Imac! Your pics are perfect!!

Lew said...

Beautiful header! Wonderful post! You have been to some beautiful spots on this planet and captured them well.

Tom said...

Well my old friend.... you might be off on one of your jollies again, no doubt getting more beautiful images to share with us... but you have certainly left behind a great header for us this week... and a series of pictures and words we could all learn from. Excellent Stewart

katney said...

Well stated. Well displayed.

Christine said...

Wow, such amazing places you've been. You've captured them beautifully!

George said...

I like both your fantastic photos and your commentary. We really do need to start taking better care of Earth. Your header is fantastic.

Tom said...

Well done on winning the gold.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

No wonder you won the gold Mac, neat post with a great story.

Anonymous said...

Love the magnificent ferns. Mac.