Saturday, 24 November 2007

Regent Canal london Post 3

We continue with the barge Tarporley, going through the lock, even the children help to open the gates. Gates fully open and the Tarporley glides out of the lock as the children watch.
Here they come Sam, says dad. we'll get aboard and we will be off on our trip.
Sam asks his dad if there are any more locks to go through before we get home?. "Yes Sam just one more" says dad.
The twins are so excited as they play their game of pirates on board their (make belife) Skull and Crossbones Galleon., wondering who the can plunder next.
As we say bye bye to taporley, cruising down the Regent Canal, they pass "Chance" the next Barge to go through the lock.----(This story will be told at a later date, fore our trip is not finished yet. -----------To be continued in the next Post.


Gail's Man said...

Interesting story. It's a bit like a variation on the 3 Men in a Boat tale.

Andrée said...

I read an article about the canal. are you going to go thru a tunnel? this is neat stuff!

zakscloset said...

i'd love to experience the canal cruise!

Sharon said...

I love this!

Isadora said...

Oh thank you. This is so neat. It reminds me of Georgetown, they have these tour barges on the C&O Canal through Georgetown too. I love it and the reminder.

david mcmahon said...

Hope you got many miles to the galleon!