Saturday, 24 November 2007

Regent Canal London Post 2

Here we are at Lock number 2, the gates are being opened by the folks from the Barge.
The 2 chappies now have done their work as the Gates are now wide open and we slowly drift into the lock.
The kids are excited to see their Barge go through the lock, so the father lifts out his son so they can watch from the bank.
The other children stay aboard to see them go through.
Now the 2 chappies are going to open the other gates so to let the water out as the barge will slowly dissappear -------To be continued in the next post.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Looks like such fun! I'm sure my children would be thrilled to go aboard one of those canal boats. =)

Old Wom Tigley said...

The magic of the locks. Great set of pictures Imac

ancient one said...

Interesting!! Love these pictures!

Salty said...

I don't suppose the swans need locks to continue on their journey :)

Cool trip, I promise to keep in touch to see where they are going next

JAM said...

Locks like this have always fascinated me. I would love to go on a canal trip over there.

I saw a show once where a couple that lived on a canal boat would travel around, and I thought that would be such a wonderful thing to do, even if it were a couple of weeks just to get the flavor of it.

oldmanlincoln said...

Nice photos and the whole theme was special to me. Someone who lives relatively close to the old Miami Erie Canal but whose locks are strewn along the Stillwater river. Those days are gone forever here.

Andrée said...

What does the canal connect to? It's fascinating. It is about the width and depth of the Erie Canal. So perhaps the Regent's Canal is the same era. The boat is great for viewing. I'll be looking up more about this. I see that huge crane, too. But no swans. Maybe next time!

Jules said...

What fun - I would love to travel along the canal. great way to see the world and be involved in this amazing history!!