Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Ol Crow mans day

member me,Tis Ol Crow man, Oi gits t pic yer fotie t da.

Wells i sits doon an tinks ard an scratees me ed, nay ta ard tho, cus it sturbs me aystack.

Oi thunk ards did Oi, an cums up wit t 5 bars gate to barley field. Tis simpel fotie buts yer alls wil liuk. weel eer it bee.

Oi as t git gon noo, as t Mrs Plugitt as got me ma pastees on t table.

byeees f noo.
eer is ta patch i doos ma thunkin.


Anonymous said...

That is a neat post.

Also the photo of the post is neat. I like the construction part of it.

zakscloset said...

i love the shot. and the texas story telling...wait, it's british english? can't be!

dot said...

I love scenes like this. Beautiful!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I hope this is a Linconshire Field.. I do like this type of post.. though I need to read it a time or two to understand.. ha!

Mike said...

Lovely photo. Hope you enjoyed the pasty!!