Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Arty Shot 10

This is the last Arty Shot for a while.(will be back later).

This is a cartoon Painting of (lil ol me). It incorperates me on my full time job(Hospital Porter) 2 of my Hobbies (Photographer) and (little poet)also my DW (dear wife) cause she's an Artist.

It was done by a chappie called Terry Shellbourne (A Cartoon Artist) he also paints Steam Trains. I got it for payment cause I photographed his niece's eve wedding reception for them.

Im very proud of this and hangs on the hall wall.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Stunning.. That's something to be very proud of.
Years ago when I worked behind the bar of a local pub an old chap would come in at dinner time, always the same day and only once a week. Bottle of stout and he sat in the corner making pencil sketches a bit like yours, we would give him the odd free bottle and we had quite a collection of his drawing which he always left like a tip, tucked under the ash tray. When I left the job I should have took them with me but forgot. What happened to them I don't know. The chap who did the drawings I found out was called 'Harry Rutherford' a well known Manchester Artist who's works are now in demand... the chap died a while back.. but I remember him as a Stount Drinking Gentleman. L.S. Lowry lived near to where I live also, and another fine Northwest Artist by the name of Trevor Grimshaw. He died a drunkard in a house fire, I and others would take him food and bedding but he drank anything and everything... it was a crying shame to see such talent wither away like that. Trevors Northwest drawings now fetch very good money and rightly so.

imac said...

You right there Tom "crying shame" bout all that talent being wasted.
At least I'm glad you are posting your great talent and everyone is experiencing these wonders. You certainly make me laugh, when I first spotted your name, my first thought was that man has a great sense of humour.- oi were rite too.

zakscloset said...

great picture! i noticed one other full time job of yours is missing though...WEHRE ARE THE CAKES???

Salty said...

Super Cool!