Wednesday, 24 October 2007

BIG Thankyou

I would just like to say A BIG THANKYOU, to all you bloggers who have made comments and also to you all who have looked in on my Blog.
All of you have made me feel at home and are so friendly to a new starter. Ive a lot to learn about blogging yet, so (please be gentle) wit a daff ol sol luik mees. hehe.
If I happen to upset anyone with any of my posts, please say so, but its not intended, cause you all are so tops. I must say Im having a ball here letting my hair down.

Weeeel I tink tats all, sos i bees offf fer noo an gits ma noo peece reedy ta posst.



smilnsigh said...

Who would get upset with you?!? You are fun!!!

But I know, I know. As someone whose humor is often "not gotten," I know. Some of us do have to go around saying... "Please don't mind me" don't we? >,-)

You are new at this too? I didn't think that. I'm very, very new at being on this daily photos around the world thing. And I'm having great fun. As you are.


imac said...

Thank you, ( yer reet ther missis )

Translated = you are right there Mari-Nanci.

zakscloset said...

no imac, thank YOU for visiting my super amateur blog always!