Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Let me take you back to the early 1900s, 
Leading up to the World War One.

Welcome to the Town of
BEAMISH - The Museum town in the
North East of the UK.

All in Sepia.

We can travel by Tram or Double Decker  Bus - to the edge of Beamish.

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Here we are on the edge of Beamish, Bit to early in the morning for an IceCream, lets go and have a stroll though the main street of Beamish shall we?
((Notice the old tin posters on the wooden fence))

Here's the typical Houses for the early 1900s

Here, we meet Jenny, who is going to escort us around inside of one of these Houses in Beamish.

Here we are in the Lounge (sitting room) as it was called in the early 1900s, imagine all the dusting the maid had to do in here, shall we venture to the Bedroom?

Here we have the main Bedroom, afraid we cannot see the kitchen  - because the maid has the little girl in the Tin bath, no bathroom in these days, oh the joy of boiling all the hot water by kettle.

If you were rich enough, you would have the latest 

Thanking Jenny for the tour - 

As time is getting on, I think we will call into  the Pub.
The Sun Inn
Lets go and get a seat - shall we?
Typical old English Pub (Public Bar)
Take a seat  - and I will order.

Nothing tastes as good as an old English Pint of Real Ale and a English Pork Pie.

E BY GUM - That were GOOD

Time  to go folks - lots more to see and do
Here is the Time for the Ladies - SHOPPING TIME in the CO-OP, Tell you what, let the Fellas go back for another pint in the Sun Inn and the Ladies can SHOP-SHOP-SHOP -

Here you Ladies will find everything you need
Hardware-clothing-toietries and Food.
This is the Hardware department.
((Who remembers the old Tin Baths??))

Here you can post your Letters n Post cards to all your Relations and Friends, telling them all about your trip to Beamish Town Museum.

Time to catch the Tram to take you back to your Coach and return Home.
Hope you all have enjoyed your trip to 
Beamish Town Museum in Sepia.

Thats yer lot Folks.


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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Wonderful captures for this theme. It was truly chosen to be displayed this week in sepia.

Lew said...

Delightful tour through the old town and sepia is the appropriate color for these images!

Christine Soto said...

What a great way to feature another era than to display sepia images! Loved the journey back in time.

George said...

Thanks for taking us with you on your tour of Beamish. I very much enjoyed to town, and your photos were marvelous. The subject is perfect for sepia.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that one immensely - If ever I'm in the area :-)