Tuesday, 23 February 2016

By Tom

Ok folks, its a stiff neck week, looking up time, our presenter is Tom.
Lets see what I have in store for you good folk, shall we?

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Looking straight up - over head, we have a chappie passing by on a hand Glider, bet he's got a grand view below him.

Lets see what else I can find with looking up shall we?
A Full Moon, this was taken last year on  a clear night.

Looking straight across and up, we have the Austrian Alps.

I'm thinking we all love music, well here are a few HIGH NOTES for you to Look up at.

Looking up in Ely Cathedral, what a splendid sight.

Looking up atNottingham's Ferris Wheel.

Looking up to the sky and at Tulips, Ump, getting up - my knees are not what they used to be,lol

Looking up at a water Feature.

Looking up at a Cornish wheel house.

A very last photo of the Vulcan Aircraft, which has now been retired.
Looking up and Photographing as she flies overhead on her last flight.

Cant beat a Beautiful Sky to look up at - is there?

Now for something different for 

If you have one of these updated mobiles they have these days which can scan anything, ?
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Well, Thats Yer Lot Folks.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat captures Mac.

Lew said...

Fantastic shots, Mac!! And I guess your neck got a little stiff taking them all.