Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Birds by Kathy

My Birds are all in Action,lol

So - Lets start with my Header
Showing you all how Ripples and Reflections go together

Let me introduce you all to Goosey-Gander, who everyday sings to a whole flock of Birds,
at this very moment he's singing  "Abird with me"

Next we have
The dancing Turnstones - doing the Two-Step -- instep together.

Next we have the assorted Troop Birds doing the Flutters for the Camera folk.

Here we have flighty twosome taking off.

Next we have the Red Kite in Flight.

A little bit of Pecking Fighting ( very similar to Bull fighting)

And last we have to finish our show off is
The one and Only ----
Singing Gully
Gull Singer - Singing that famous song "O Sole Mio"

Thats yer Lot Folks

Pop across to my side bar - near my shield and see what the other 
HEADBANGERS have instore for you all.

With Kathy's choice of BIRDS.


George said...

The captions are as wonderful as your photos. I really like the picture of the Red Kite.

Anonymous said...

I remember that you were very fond of birds ;-)
My choice is of course that wonderful gull at the end!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Cool bird photos Mac, enjoyed the show.

Katney said...


Jackie said...

One of my favorite birds to see soaring overhead is the kite.
What a majestic creature!!
Your photos are amazing....

Lew said...

Love the header! Double the pleasure with the reflection! And that is one full throated gull.

Christine Soto said...

Oh my goodness, your header is absolutely gorgeous!