Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Odd Shots by Kathy

I remember ODD SHOTS by Kathy'
Its amazing how many folk publish Odd shots 
these days, certainly caught on right through  the internet.
My Odd Shots are a mixture, but none have been played with, some you all will know what they are and some you won't, but I am going to let you all into the secret of how they happened to be

My Header - plain and simple one.
Odd (sock) Shot.
On Holiday(Vacation) @ St Ives in Cornwall
Less packing causes us to wash out our socks and unmentionables, 0oopps
we seem to have an Odd Sock up there.
(just knew this photo would come in handy somewhere),lol - wonder where the other sock is hiding??

Post Odd Shots
Well - certainly Odd Shot this one!
Tis but a crab on its back.
Poor thing was dead, but before anything found  and ate it - I photographed it.

Still on their backs
Not often you find (this Odd Shot) a dog sunbathing on its back, with its tail being washed over with the waves,lol.

Odd Clock Shot
On Southwold Pier, The clock works by water, lol
Most fascinating watching it work.

A walk through Clumber Park, and we found this Odd Shot, not often you have to climb a tree for a restful sit or lay down - is it?.

Beach Odd Shot
In the Land of forgotten Creatures? 
Found on a beach in Scotland??
Don't ask, Don't know,lol.
Your Guess-is as good as mine,lol….

A pair of Wellies, found left on a wall.
Wellies from Wales.

Odd Shot - found in a shop.
Must have been a VERY NAUGHTY PERSON,lol
You certainly don't know where  and when you are going to come across an Odd Shot? 

Now for the hard ones - 
-or maybe not!

Photographing lemonade bubbles in a Class(lol)
Glassed (lol) as an ODD SHOT.
((trying to be funny))
Now then --
Odd Shot
Photographing a Church on a very Misty Day??
Photographing a church through a window - forgetting to turn off the flash, lol
The red mist is a reflection of my red shirt.
A very unexpected ODD SHOT.
A a Very Treasured one.

ODD SHOT - You Bet.
Travelling Through a Time Tunnel?
Light at the end of a Tunnel?
Just a stack of Blue Tubbing,
catching the reflection of the Sun,
Waiting to go under ground to carry 
Electrical wires.

Now for my last ODD SHOT
Let your mind wonder ----
Have you ever photographed a Space Ship before??
Just Stare and look at those Stars through the hollow centre
of this Space Ship!!
Can you see this Space Ship Hovering???




If so - Tis all in the Mind.
This is the fancy ceiling of a bar on a Cruise Ship.

Well folks - thats Yer Lot of my 

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Katney said...

Lovely collection. I was inspired this week by some odd socks as well. You have to read the post to see, as I did not manage to catch them in my picture attempt.

Lew said...

Wonderful collection of odd shots! And great camera work, even when the flash setting was wrong.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Certainly glad that those aliens left you return Mac.

Christine Soto said...

Love all your odd shots, Mac! That sofa in a tree! I once saw a porch with a couch on it--the house was missing (had fallen down). The porch and couch stayed, though. So odd!

Betty Manousos said...

absolutely lovely collection my friend. well done:))

Betty Manousos said...

i do love your header!

ju-north said...

Love these shots. We need quirky

Anonymous said...

I do remember very well the old Odd Shots Meme - very fun and odd they were. And I see that you have kept up the tradition very well!