Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Melting by Lew

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Melting Wax
A few years ago we went to Julie's step Daughters Wedding. These Candles were on a window ledge and thinking these would look great in a photo.
I really love this photo for the Light, and the Melting Wax.

Now onto Melting snow and ice.
Melting Glacier in Norway.
Julie taking a photo of the Glacier, once, not sooo long ago we would have been under the ice, as its continuing Melting bit by bit day by day.
It was a wonderful sight to see. Far below, in the valley it was raining - while up here, the sun was shining.

At Home - in the Garden we have from a couple of years ago Melting Ice on a plant.
Reminds me of a little creature, don't you think?

Some years ago we had a short break up in North Yorkshire on the Moors, while there - the snow and ice were Melting
On the way to our Log Cabin for a week.

Woke up the 1st morning and found this footprint, wildlife.

One of many little Villages on the Yorkshire moors, with the snow melting.

On the Moors, early evening, sun going down and the Melting still goes on.

Puddles and running water everywhere Snow Melting and covering the roads as the cars drive through making a big splash.

Back Home - along Grantham's Canal the frost is beginning to Melt as a family is out walking their dog.

The sun is out and beginning to Melt the ice on a lake.

Couple of hours later, the ice is well and truly Melting on the Lake, guess the ol ducks are happy now.

Kids around the lake having fun, picking the sheets of ice up and thowing them across the lake to shatter the ice to help the process of

Thats yer lot Folks.
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George said...

Your header is very beautiful. I like all of your melting photos, especially the 'creature' you captured in your garden.

Katney said...

I have glacier melt, too.

Lew said...

Lots of melting going on on your side of the pond. Love the candles! The look like three monks in orange robes.

Christine Soto said...

Oh, my goodness, Mac, you live in a beautiful part of the world. You seem to be able to find amazing places to shoot! Love all the melting photos.

visualnorway said...

This was a series I felt right at home with :-)
I believe I have even photographed the same glacier! (I did it in 2011)