Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Relax by Christine

Is ev1 feeling Relaxed this Morning folks
Then I will begin.

What better way to relax - while on Holiday - or in fact any day will do -  than by having a lick of an ice cream
My Header - this is not ME if you are wondering-lol.

Captured this young Lady Relaxing on the beach having a fag.

Chained Artists Relaxing on the beach Painting.

Julie and I relaxing in St Ives Cornwall.

Nothing better than a little music to relax ev1.

A hide away seat in the woods to sit and contemplate on.

Sit and relax while taking a Jaunt through the Park.

Scottish Sheep Relaxing.

Relax and stroll along the beach as the sea laps across your toes.

Relax and wish you were on the sailing ship.

A retired Tractor,lol

Two ladies relaxing after gardening with a cuppa (tea)

and thinking of 
A well earned Brandy to finish the day off with.

Well folks - thats yer lot.
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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool captures Mac. Is it your cousin? He must be related.

Lew said...

Delightful ways to relax, Mac! But your pups seem to want their licks. Love your through the almost empty glass shot of the sunset.

ju-north said...

Wonderful collection of relaxation! Here's to more!

Christine Soto said...

Love the image of the older guy looking out at the ship, and with music--if there's a banjo involved, it definitely is a fun a relaxing time!!

Katney said...

Very busy relaxing this week.

Jackie said...

Love these photos.
Are those King Cavalier's in the first photo?
Adorable fur babies.

Anonymous said...

A very relaxing series - with the best at the end, of course...