Wednesday, 4 February 2015

SPARE TIME by Craver

If you like Country n Western Music
then have a look at my music spot
song called SPARE TIME by The Dirt Floor Krackers.  funny wot u find on Youtube.

SPARE TIME - wot spare time - but my life is full of spare time - being Retired - filled up with Holidays, Computer, taking photos,   
going out on day trips - and  - you all get to see them, SO, what do I show for Spare Time ??

Many years ago, working at the hospital as a a Porter, we did many jobs - Jobs worth Men,lol
one time we had big probs at the Hospital and us Porters had to sit outside a ward and check in all visitors, but at night, no Visitors, so whoever was on -we read books, you can read only so many books that for a change, I started writing Poems, they say the Brain works at its best at night.

Later I added  photos of mine to these Poems - I know some of you have seen some of these, but it fits this theme, ALTHO you haven't seen this header, its not a poem as such but a few WELL MEANING WORDS.  -- So without much more ado-here we go

Strange what you THINK about at night - when there's Nothing to do.
My Post Pics and Poems

Space - the Mind and Time -  have always been in my thoughts.


 LOVE and DEATH also have touched my Heart and Mind

This one is really a tribute to a most dear friend
read this and you will understand
Rob - the one in the red jacket.
Rob was married to Julie before he passed away at a very young age - He was my 2 lads Teacher, when my lads left school Richard and I got to know Rob better and used to go out once a week for a drink, We had a weekend away together in North Yorkshire -  where Richard and I learned a lot from Rob - Rob knew lots about Stars, Butterflies, History among other things.
When Rob died Richard and I was asked by Julie to see his ashes Scattered where he found The Chalk Hill Blue Butterfly, and I wrote this poem and read out there during the scattering.
I lost track of Julie---after some years - 2001 we met up again - the rest then followed - Tis a Strange old World we all live in and how things happen and come around.


to finish on a happy note - nar I mean happy Poem

Well - thats all folks

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George said...

Your poetry is as beautiful as your photography.

Craver Vii said...

Coincidentally, my brain works best at night, too! (Of course, by morning it's all forgotten and I begin each day with a virtually clean slate.)

I like how you showcase these creative rhymes with such lovely photography as their background.

Though I have no gift for poetry, I may check the library for my favorite movie on the subject, "La tigre e la neve."

Craver Vii said...

* That's a Roberto Benigni film.

Lew said...

You used your time well on those not so busy nights. And a wonderful tribute to your friend!

Anonymous said...

A very impressive post - even from you, who make any post a jewel. Many thoughts have gone into this, and some can be read between the lines.

ju-north said...

What a mine of creativity you and Julie are! Beautiful images and words

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Well Mac, your talents do abound.

I have a friend named Mac,
his talents do astound.
He comes from a small island,
where beauty does abound.

He captures it daily with lens
and pen, to the delight others.
I'm so glad to call him my friend
we truly are as brothers.

Christine said...

What a great way to incorporate your poetry with your photography!