Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Didn't expected to see that  there
by Kathy

my music this week is
Unexpected - sung by Bernadette Peters

Unexpected things where you wouldn't think they should be, well here's my things.

My Header
Few years ago, I was laying flat out on our front lawn, trying to capture a toadstool, focus correct, nice and placed correct, just about to click, WHEN, all of a sudden this insect comes over the top of this toadstool, pause - - right, adjust, refocus on insect, right, click - Gotch yer.
Most Unexpected.

What else do we have thats not expected to be there?

Wellies in Wales
A pair of wellies on a wall in Wales - would you believe!
No one around either - Gone for a swim - no clothes? 
Certainly not what I would expect.

Nikon - No Not a Camera? but specs, 
Certainly didn't expect that.

A Day out in Nottingham's Rock Cemetery,
Just look at that date?
Certainly didn't Expect that.

Is she for real?? stood there 30mins watching while waiting for Julie shopping - (that WAS expected,lol, ) Not a movement at all, until Julie turned up then the Silver Lady waved Bye Bye.

Our last cruise to Iceland and Norway, our last stop in Norway, walking down the street and most Unexpected  - to fined a REAL Mini Car fastened to the wall of a block of shops, well I never did??
Must be SUPER GLUE lol

Well folks thats all from me,
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George said...

Thanks for sharing all these unexpected things that you've captured. All are great photos. I don't think I wold stand under that car, however.

Craver Vii said...

That was a creative way to park your Mini Cooper. "Okay Everybody, remember where we parked."

Anonymous said...

What I did expect, however, was marvellous photography!
And I got it :-)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

All neat captures Mac, the car was really cool.

Christine said...

Pretty amazing shots, Mac, and I LOVE that ant which just happened to crawl up to have its portrait done by you. That silver lady is pretty incredible, too.

Lew said...

Great unexpected images! And the bug did not get the best of you!

ju-north said...

Really interesting shots here! You've certainly got an eye for them!