Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Something New

My song this week is Whats New and sung by the famous Crooner
Frank Sinatra

Something New to us this year, we have spent a few days - seeing in the New Year in a little Village in Cornwall, famous for their Christmas Lights
All run by volunteers
Whilst the lights are a celebration of the season there is also a twinge of sadness for the village. On the 19th December the lights are turned off for an hour between 8 and 9pm in memory of the crew of the Solomon Browne, the Penlee lifeboat that was lost with all hands on that day in 1981 whilst attempting to rescue the crew of the Union Star off Lamorna. Nearly all the crew of the lifeboat were from Mousehole including the pub landlord, Charles Greenhaugh, to whom there is a plaque on the wall of the Ship Inn.

Julie and I had one hell of a time getting down to Cornwall due to Engineering works and far too many folk - but thats another story.

My Header shows Julie sitting in our Lounge and Reflecting on our Holiday and the Sunrise

  Pure Magic 

Our Lounge - as you can see we had the most wonderful view - high up on a hill.

 Here's a couple of photos of the Lights in Mousehole in the Harbour.

Mousehole and its Harbour taken from our Apartment.
Such a quaint little Village and wonderful to walk through its narrow streets.

A lot of the cottages have their own Decorations up

Here's 3 Photos of some of the cottages and of the Harbour

The R.N.L.I

We also had a wonderful view of
The Sunsets too - as its getting dark we are all getting our camera's 
ready for the Fireworks to see in the New Year

Welcome to 2015
We saw our New Year in with a bottle of wine and chocolates.

nb-If you wish to see more of Mousehole Lights and Fireworks - pop across to my FB page - there are more there too.

Also pop across to my side bar - near my shield and see what the other HEADBANGERS have shown for Christine's Theme of 

HAPPY NEW YEAR  to all HEADBANGERS - Family/Friends.

(this was certainly Something new for Julie and I,) we had a FAB time and thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR to  Friends and everyone in MOUSEHOLE too.

GOOD LUCK to all for 2015.


Jackie said...

Your photographs are splendid, Stewart. I love the way you capture hard for me to do, but you do it brilliantly.
Happy New Year to you and Julie.

Craver Vii said...

The loss of life is tragic, but I respect how the town honors the fallen rescuers.

The fireworks photos are vibrant! Those shots and the town's lights create a strong impact.

Katney said...

A new site for you in Cornwall. Soon you will know the whole region like the back of your hand.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Certainly enjoyed your trip over the holidays.

Lew said...

Great shots in your new vacation spot! The small towns and villages certainly have maintained the flavor of years past.

Christine said...

Definitely pure magic, that sunrise! And oh, that view; makes me want to cross the pond for a visit!!