Wednesday, 18 June 2014


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The Wombles underground.

Lew has picked UNDERGROUND for this weeks theme for The Headbangers Competition

Wombling around in my brain, I came up with this idea.

The City of LOVE and ROMANCE  - PARIS
The LOUVRE in Paris has its entrance Underground and thats by the way of The Glass Pyramid of Paris

So lets go underground, shall we - 

The Glass Pyramid and The Louvre behind.

Standing outside the Pyramid we can see underground.

Inside - we can see the beautiful building of the Louvre

Turn around and we see all the folk out in the Square from inside the Glass Pyramid.

There's the escalator 
The Stairs or the Lift

Here we are Underground and the entrance to the Louvre is right down that passage way.

Lets move on a little

Here we see the inverted Glass Pyramid and the little stone one - legend and some folk think that this marks the spot where the HOLY GRAIL is hidden

Here we have a close-up shot.
Underground here we have some shops also.

As time is limited and can't afford the price to go into the Louvre today - sorry folks.

But here's a little something for you to finish with,
a magical shot of the Glass Pyramid

Me reading the book by Dan Brown The Da'Vinci code, which was all about the Holy Grail and the Glass Pyramid in Paris.

Well, thats my UNDERGROUND, Hope you all enjoyed.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Loved your post Mac, I just watched the movie recently so it was fresh in my mind. Neat take on the theme.

Lew said...

Some great views from the underground in Paris!

Craver Vii said...

I "louve" these shots, Imac! Especially the bottom of the inverted pyramid and the fabled stone underneath.

katney said...

When I visited the Louvre there was no glass pyramid and we entered through a door at ground level or near. The header photo is a great image.

George said...

You did a great job with this theme. Your header is beautiful, but I really like your 'special' photo with you reading the book.

Christine said...

Truly wonderful pics! Fernando and I never went underground inside the Pyramide, so I really enjoyed seeing your images of that locale. :)