Wednesday, 1 January 2014

This is our theme this week - By Fishing Guy

Happy New Year Folks 2014.

If you missed my music last week - its still showing for this week also - The famous ANDRE RIEU.

Well - it was 2 years ago - Let me take you back to 2012, when it was all New to us.
We decided to visit St Ives in Cornwall to see the New Year 2012 in.
St Ives is THE place to see any New Year in, Its Party Party Party.
Folk come from miles away to join in the Fun - Frolics  and Fire Works at midnight
Folk dress up and head for the harbour Party.

When we arrived at St Ives the day before New Years Eve, we had a stroll around the shops, where we found most shops with their Christmas and NY windows aglow

We Bought ourselves wigs and decorations to wear for this coming New Years Eve Party.

Alas - alas - alas
It was raining Cats and Dogs(as we say in the UK)
Pouring down, so we decided to stop indoors in our holiday apartment-BUT- we overlooked the main road and Harbour, so we saw it all - the complete show and kept dry.

Julie and I had a window each and with our cameras we captured all that was needed to enjoy seeing in 2012

An hour before Midnight - folk were gathering around the bars on the Harbour

Here's some of the folk all dressed up, making their way down to the Party

 These folk must have been Cold and very Wet
Glitter all the way

5 minutes before midnight, and St Ives is packed waiting for midnight and the fireworks.


Wonderful - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012
Now for my Header
What a fantastic show it was

New Years Day
Still Raining
But what a show with this Rainbow - you can see the rain coming down

Later on  - during the afternoon, it stopped raining and some folk came out to enjoy the 1st day and sun of the New Year

Well - back to 2014 folks, hope you all enjoyed our- Its All New-seeing in 2012 Holiday in St Ives Cornwall. 

Now go to my side bar - near my shield and visit the other HEADBANGERS and see their take on - ITS ALL NEW.

GOOD LUCK - and hope your New year eve into 2014 went well.


Jinksy said...

And one thing UK is consistent about, is rain! Happy wet New Year 2014

Betty Manousos said...

happy new year!

may you enjoy health and happiness in the coming new year!

Jackie said...

The rain makes for beautiful reflections on the streets, to me.
You have gorgeous photographs, Stewart. I always enjoy coming here and looking at them.
Happy New Year to you and Julie!
I look forward to sharing photos and smiles with you via the blog again this year.

Lew said...

Quite a celebration they have in St. Ives! And you captured it well! That manger scene would also make a great header.

ju-north said...

Wishing for some exciting fireworks in the comong year!

Craver Vii said...

I could never get pics like this for two reasons, Imac. First, because my favorite way to bring in the new year is to quietly hit the sack at the usual time... I don't usually do late parties. Second, because you're a phenomenal, one-of-a-kind photographer!

Happy New Year!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

That certainly was a fun look back to the start of a New Year.

Christine said...

Wow; that looks like a ton of fun! Love the shot of that guy with the "mohawk" decoration (or whatever it is) on his head. I would also love to see fireworks on second holiday (besides our Independence Day). Staying dry indoors was the way to go for that New Year!

Cezar and Léia said...

WE are always enchanted by your creative ideas and stunning pictures!
We spent New Year in Cardiff! The weather was not good because the wind and rain, but I loved the place!
Wishing you and Julie, lots of love, good energies and success! Happy 2014!