Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Ideal Weather by Craver V11.

At Present the USA and UK are having a very rough time with very foul Weather, Snow,Ice Floods ect. 
SO - Ive picked a time of  ordinary weather
Rain - showers - so - what do you do in this weather
You Go Shopping

My Header - New York? -- well, it is New York but a very small village in Lincolnshire.
June 2012 - we met up with 2 very good friends Gail and Christopher Frost (Former Headbangers, who left to concentrate more on their Photography) and booked a weekend away at Woodhall Spa, a real pleasant place - while Julie had a workshop for her Quilting, us 3 went shopping as we were still having showers.
Christopher and Gail Frost
Lets go Shopping
The smallest shoe shop in Britain.

As Ladies love to shop
 Gail decided she wanted a hat
Also Christopher thought he would try one on too
Very smart Sir!
Done and Dusted (as we say) off to more shopping.

 With a Sparkle in Gails eye - she thought of trying some on, also a spot of Photography too - Bling! an idea for her choice of Header.

Time for a coffee - a lovely place to have a short break - before finishing the shopping.

That Night we stopped here - fully recommend this Motel too
Great place, and wonderful beer n food.

Next day the sun was out - so we had a trip up the road to Tattershall Castle.
 Up on the battlements we could see for miles

Suddenly a lot of folk turned up, they said a Fly Past were due - bingo - the perfect place to be and photograph

 The Lancaster Bomber

 The Spitfire

The Dakota
To finish the day off we called at the biggest Hotel in Woodhall Spa
The Petwood Hotel
Who has in their grounds
Tied well into this trip to The Castle.

All in All we all had a great time celebrating my 64th Birthday.

Hope you all enjoyed my take on Ideal Weather.
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RuneE said...

You have done us proud with this post: All the way from "Bargain Hunt" to "Dam Busters". That Dakota won with me.

Cezar and Léia said...

Gail and Christopher are such a beautiful couple! Love all pictures, I would like to go shopping with the girls too!

Jinksy said...

A hotel with a puddle like a pond? Sheesh! - but it makes a great picture.

Lew said...

Ideal weather for the old war birds! The WII planes are still my favorites. And an interesting bit of history. Nice weather for shopping - no sunburn on that day!

ju-north said...

And a very good time was had by all! We have a New York near us as well!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun set of shots Stewart, fun to see some photos from across the pond.

Craver Vii said...

I feel like I've gone with you on a little vacation. The New York on your side of the pond is very nice!

Christine said...

What a perfect two days given the weather! Here in the States, I always ask before bringing my camera into a store. I've been asked to leave a place or two--private property rules/laws, etc. :/

Betsy Adams said...

Ideal weather, for sure!!!! After our weather this week---anywhere else would be "ideal weather" …. ha ha

Happy Birthday… 64, huh? You are just a 'young thing'….

Love your header!

George said...

You had ideal weather for shopping and for the fly over. You got wonderful pictures of these historic airplanes.

Jackie said...

Like Craver said, it does feel like we've gone on a vacation with you.
Lovely scenes...wonderful friends, and shopping. A beautiful day!

Christopher Frost said...

It was a great weekend. We will have to do another one sometime this year. You should have put a shot of those bouncing kangaroos on as they were amusing!