Wednesday, 25 December 2013

This weeks choice is from Kathy = BOXES

My music this week is - Andre Rieu - playing The Music of The Night.
If you have never a seen Andre before - then you are in for a treat, if you have, then you know you will enjoy.  We went to see him at Leeds Arena which holds around 12,000 folk.
Some folk sit in Boxes to watch these shows.

I guess you all are expecting to see something of our Boxing Day, sorry you will have to  Google if you want to find out about UK's Boxing Day.

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I had a thought about Boxes, and came up with the idea of these Boxes n Bowls that Julie has been making for some friends.
As you see in the pic - Julie makes them by adding layers of paper and material with glue, building them up layer upon layer.

My Posts.

Let me take you back in time - 1920s -- 1940s with Boxes.

 Here we have a Stores -shop e.g. (CO-OP) with hat boxes ect ect - and below - down to the cellar to their stores room.

Remember when in those days you had the experience of travelling by Train?
 When you had to have a porter to wheel your suit cases and trunks to your carriage.
Then when goods had to travel by goods trucks - all and sundry - all ready to be loaded aboard by the porters. 

Still in the times gone-by
Who remembers these boxes
And - still used today, good job they are not in these rusty ol BOXES  anymore.

I hope you have enjoyed MY BOXES
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and celebrate in 2014.


Christopher Frost said...

Well no one can put you in a box regarding the photos. Some good ones and I remember Carnforth well.

RuneE said...

Reminds me a bit of the song "Little Boxes" :-)
A true variety of samples.

ju-north said...

Lovely photos! Happy Boxing Day!

Lew said...

And a Happy Boxing Day to you and Julie, the box maker. They are nice and add a touch of color when used! The tins for food have pretty much gone. Marianne found one of the saltine cracker tin boxes that we used. We transfer the crackers from the cardboard box to her tin.

Jackie said...

Beautiful array of boxes, my friend.
Sending another wish for you and your Julie to have a Happy New Year.

Craver Vii said...

Fantastic collection of boxes here, Imac. I like they way you brought us back in time, too.

katney said...

A great collection of boxes, Mac. (Ask Julie if she calls it "material" or "fabric"? Could be an English vs. Americanish difference. Or else a him and her difference.)

Christine said...

There's just something about a hat box that I love. They're round and bulky, and don't fit on my shelves, but I have a few and I still love them. They're newer, though, not like those in your images. And I love the old trunks! Those are great.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun boxes Stewart, enjoyed your boxes. Especially like your old time box photo.

Gattina said...

Nice selection of boxes ! We don't have a boxing day here. People are even working on the 26th and the shops are all open anyway. It's just a day like all the others. But I saw the storming on shops in London on TV !

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a nice Christmas and a great upcoming year. I want those sheep awaiting the porter.