Wednesday, 14 August 2013

HEADER CHALLENGE - making money any way possible - by Mac


My Music this week is =  Abba singing Money Money Money.

(Making Money - Any way possible)
My way
Through Wood - Carving or Sculpture.

This week I was at a loss for a theme for our Header Challenge, when suddenly an idea popped into my Head.

I decided to Google large words and their meanings,
I was scrolling down looking at all these large words and not knowing any of them, but I took interest in their meanings, when suddenly  - Quomodocunquiz and its meaning.

Making Money any way possible

Thats it I shouted - looking round to see Julie looking at me with a quizzical  look, lol.

Making Money any way possible.
I thought this is a great idea and should give all the Headbangers a  wide and wonderful choice.

Also to use just one method.
But - what to use as my Header, clicking through my pics I came across this shot taken at Belvoir Castle. A tree with money in the splits of the bark, Header chosen.
Hence my way through wood by Carving or Sculpture
My Header

My Post Pics

Grantham's Sculptured Apple - Remembering Sir Isaac Newton.

An  Artist working on his piece of Sculpture.

Sometime ago Julie purchased a sculptured Budda, and I had to photograph it - course I had to be in the shot too, if only in Spirit.

Then of course selling Carved furniture  - like these 2 chairs

Or carved walking sticks (canes) like these 2 I bought to add to my little collection, neat way of making money and helping to enhance my collection

A tree that had a disease, what was left to be carved into seats for the elderly, 
Or this resting place for the visitors in Belvoir Castle, all carved in wood - took me a while to photograph this as a lot of paying visitors like to sit here with an ice cream in the summer.
Money made by the Sculpture on the wooden figures in a tree.

 Or the fantastic carvings on this tree, so magical, truly clever work here - wonder how much money this Sculpture made.

Going around all these places  and seeing all these Money Making Sculptures - makes one tired, so Julie had to have a rest in a Sculptured Chair. 

Please go to my side bar, near my shield and visit the other Headbangers and see their ideas of (Quomoducunquiz) Making Money any way possible.



RuneE said...

You ought to make quite a lot of money with these :-)

Lew said...

Love the money tree! And it fits the theme perfectly. Quite a bunch of talented wood workers you have found in your travels!

George said...

I can't begin to pronounce the name of your header challenge, but I certainly enjoyed all the wood carvings you pictured. Julie looks very comfortable in her chair.

Jinksy said...

Lovely collection of wooden miracles...

Linda said...

Great series of photos!

Carletta said...

LOVE this post my friend! Such intriguing sculptures. I'd love seeing all this person.
The tall tree sculpture is almost metal looking.
A new word and wonderful photos - you did good my friend!

Betsy Adams said...

Great theme ---and you did a great job... I especially liked seeing the wood sculptures... Amazing what talented people can do with wood... LOVE it.

Rick said...

Can't promise I'll remember that word by next week, but a great display of photos, Stewart ! Am going to show your header to my father to dispel his notion that 'money doesn't grow on trees' (as I often used to hear in my younger days).


ladyfi said...

Those tree sculptures are amazing! Lovely idea and shots.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Funny theme and I enjoyed your take on the theme. How much money did you make from the tree?

DeniseinVA said...

I love this theme and I love your marvelous photos. Hard to pick a favorite of all those amazing sculptures. Really enjoyed the one of Julie sitting in the chair and your reflection with her Buddha was really neat. People are so very clever to create these beautiful works of art and you my friend have an amazing eye for a brilliant photograph.

Jackie said...

I was just using that word yesterday!!! (cough)
Seriously, though, your photos are always so good. I enjoy your artwork, Stewart.
I didn't know that you collected canes!! Those are beautiful!!!

Betty Manousos said...

love, love, love your header!
simply exquisite!!
those tree sculptures are fantastic!

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Love the collection of pictures. Some of them are quite interesting. Quomodocunquiz committed to my vocabulary :)