Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Header Challenge 11-01-12 = Photographing the Photographer by Mac

Photographing the Photographer -   
is my theme choice  for this weeks Header.
I first thought of all the Headbangers with their cameras - Ive met all of you except for my Partner Tom (Fishing Guy) but do have 1 or 2 shots of you Tom with your Prize Fishes,lol.


I guessed that other Headbangers will show us all


I thought of the Pro Photographer

Then in a flash

I hesitated no longer when I remembered this shot of Mirror Magic of me Photographing me and julie DW in a lift with mirrors from our ship while on a cruise - quirky Reflections of 
Photographing a Photographer  - (with his Wives).

Instead of my music slot - I'm leaving the Firework Display from St Ives on for a while -(for those folk who havent seen yet)
Now to my posts
Apart from me being a Nikon chappie - Julie(DW) is now A Nikon Lassie.
DW bought her 1st Nikon Camera in St Ives = A Nikon Cool-Pix 500.

Here's Julie trying out her New Nikon Camera.

Photographing  the chain (which leads to the boats - which takes us through the sea round to the Life Boat ramp and Station.
Welcome to the Nikon Family of Photographers Julie.

I'm Photographing 2 Folk bending over backwards  Photographing their families in St Ives.

Im photographing my mate BH here Photographing Deer in Belton House Grounds.

Im Photographing a Pro Photographer here in London, who in turn is photographing the Eye.

Here Im Photographing a Photographer in Norway.
My Blogging Friend Rune E. Eide who we met in Norway a couple of years ago when we were on a Cruise, Rune kindly showed us around his home town of Bergen - he's a  real great Photographer.
Rune was in hospital over Christmas with Atypical Pneumonia - Rune has to be very careful as he has had a Heart Transplant some time ago - Rune is now at home with medication but has to be careful.
Please visit Runes blog @  my friend and wish him a speedy recovery. - thanks.

Go visit the other Headbangers and see what their take of my theme is.
You will find these good folk on my side bar - just near my shield.


Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

such wonderful moments indeed!
love your header. really awesome!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Nicely done. We handled this theme exactly the same. I guess great minds think alike.

Linda Higgins said...

The last pic is wonderful! The cart is a perfect place to place yourself or anyone for a photo op! I wish it were here! My grandies would look adorable sitting and crawling all over the beautiful cart!! Pics of people taking pics, what a wonderful piece.

Anonymous said...

I have been visiting RuneE for some years now. I get out of the habit of going there sometimes, but still drop in now and then. I am always fascinated with what people use - Nikon or Canon and am interested in their reasons.

Filip said...

Very nice new header picture. Was it conincidence that you had such a effect of multiplying your wife?


Julie said...

Thank you for the Nikon welcome sweetie. xx

Becca's Dirt said...

Cool pictures. I like the one of you and the wife in the mirrored elevator.

katney said...

What a coincidence that we both have photos of our spouses with their new cameras.

RuneE said...

You are marvel, Imac! :-)

I suddenly started getting comments about photos of myself and messages about taking care of myself as well. And who was responsible? My dear old friend Stewart, of course.

Thank you so much - and you have just shown what Blogging is all about.

PS And things seems to move in the right direction :-)

Jackie said...

Great shots, Stewart. I especially love "Photographing Deer in Belton House Grounds"....what a splendid shot!!
That was sweet of you to let us know about RunE. I do hope that he gets to feeling better soon. You are a good friend....

Gailsman said...

Welcome Julie to the Nikon club. I guess she is a Nikon sister now. I have a similar photo of me in a lift. But fortunately you can't see my face.

Coy Hill said...

Awesome header shot my friend! amazing reflections.

looks like you folks really know how to throw a new year's party!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Photographing the Photographer, huh???? That is neat. George and I have several pictures of us taking pictures... I love the expression on George's face when he photographs...

Great set of pictures... Love the header..

George said...

These are wonderful photos of the photographers. I'm glad Julie has joined you in the Nikon family. Betsy and I are both members of the Canon family.

Rick said...

Ah, so there's the headbanger gang - a lovely crew ! And a nice header Stewart - creative and opportunistic.

Wonderful fireworks captures with a great video show. Love those grand finales !

A (real late) Happy New Year to you !

Dave Cawkwell said...

Nice infinity header shot.

There might be someone you know over on another blogs header!!!

and George not all us headbangers are in the Nikon family this one is firmly in the Canon family just like you lol.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous set of pictures - love the last one of Rune.

Cezar and Léia said...

Wonderful camera and a very very talented photographer!I love your creativity!
All shots are fabulous, congratulations!