Monday, 12 December 2011

Madeira Cable Car

Take a trip in the Cable car with me - to to the mountains of Madeira -- here we go ------------------

 Wave to those folk coming down,lol.
 Some resturation work going on here it seems.

Up and over the motorways --
 Theres our ship - The Arcadia - also this is the road the open top bus used.

 Much quicker than the bus, whay-hey

 Swing high - swing low --
 Love these houses on the way up.
 Well - here we are at the top, what a sight eh!.
 This is a model of one of the cable cars -
 And what reflections it gives us too - lol.

Ah well - time to go back to the ship.
Hope you all enjoyed our time in Funchal in Madeira.


RuneE said...

A moving room with a view! :-)

Gattina said...

What a nice overlook ! Hope it didn't shake too much !

Anonymous said...

An amazing set of pictures.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

gorgeous set of images!

what a great place!

Gailsman said...

Not sure if you'd get me in one of those. Far too scary. But you've got some good shots from up high.

George McKay said...

Thanks for taking us all along on this cruise of yours!

Linda Higgins said...

I am sooo jeleous! My husband would think he had died and gone to heaven! What amazing views! so beautiful!~ but...I would think that the trolley's would arrange the seating so that the weight would be evenly distributed like right down the middle with a glass bottom! now that would be awesome as well! But...hey I will never go on them anyway so

Rick said...

A great bird's eye view, Stewart ! Grand photos.

Perhaps they need to have concave windows on those cable cars - you'd gain a couple of feet in height ;-)

Sandy Carlson said...

What fun! The motorways are like dark ribbons swirling around the landscape.

George said...

I sure am glad you took us along with you on the cable car. The views are stunning, although I have some reservations about the characters seen in the reflections from the model car.

Anonymous said...

What great shots! Madeira looks pretty mountainous!

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour Imac,
These pictures are wonderful, what a great adventure trip!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi there, Wow--what a gorgeous place Madeira is!!!! Loved taking the cable ride with you... You certainly get a different view of the area, don't you???

Thanks for sharing ---WELL--not sure about the reflection one though!!!!! ha ha

photowannabe said...

How fun that must have been. Amazing views all the way up and definitely quicker than the bus would have been. I so want to go on another cruise. Its the best way to see the sights.