Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wall Walking 4

Ok, see those houses over there, well thats where we are heading for.
lets see who is the 1st down the steps?

This cannon just a stroll from the Look-out is Russian made.

Here we are - who would like to live here, over looking the sea and the Tweed River Mouth?
To be continued


Betty said...

What a lovely pictorial tour!
Have a great day!
B :)

Sunny said...

What a lovely view from those grand houses. I can almost smell the salt air.
☼ Sunny

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful place, Stewart.... I may be the first one DOWN--but the last one UP those steps... ha

Staffan H said...

Thank you for the tour. I enjoyed it.

Rick said...

Looks like there'd be a great view from one of those houses. I like that view down the cannon barrel - was it ever fired in anger ?

George said...

I think the walk to the houses was very much worth while. I could probably force myself to live there.
That Russian-made cannon guarding the English-Scottish border certainly got around!