Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Walking the wall of Berwick 3

Ah, now is that a look-out post we see in front -shall we go and see?
but before we do just look to the right -

Here we see the Tweed Mouth Beach, just look at all those swans, I reckon they are so graceful, dont you?
Ok, take a deep breath --

.Just look - all these steps,lol and notice 
how worn they look, how many Soldiers have marched up and down these
to defend Berwick.

Here's the info for the Look-out.
Click the pic to enlarge for you to read.

To be continued.


Darla said...

You are giving some great tours lately.

Denise said...

Lovely! I enjoyed this post very much. Thanks for the great historical tour. I enjoyed reading the marker. Noticed the name "Bulwark". Years ago when Gregg was on his exchange tour with the RN, for a little while he was on a ship called HMS Bulwark.
An English Girl Rambles

RuneE said...

That is a beautiful area - no wonder it had to be defended. I hope you wore your Tweed coat!

Sunny said...

Great views...that's a lot of swans and a lot of steps!
☼ Sunny

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful view of the beach and swans... I'm sure those soldiers kept in good shape going up and down those steps... Thanks for the tour!!!

George said...

I think I'm really going to enjoy our walk along the wall, even with the steps. I certainly enjoyed seeing all those swans.

Gail's Man said...

It looks a bit bleak and I bet the wind was blowing on the way up to the top of those steps.

Rick said...

Thanks for the history lesson mac, and the great photos to accompany. Very interesting and informative - look forward to the rest of the tour.

Michele said...

Gosh, I'm lucky if I catch a glimpse of a swan or two around here. You gots lots of 'em! What a pretty area!