Friday, 18 June 2010

Photo Exhibition by Christopher Frost

One of my blogging buddies and a member of our Header Challenge(Headbangers) group
Gailsman (Christopher Frost) has his 1st Photographic Exhibition at the Library in Beeston Nottingham this month, which ends 30th June.
DW and I went over to have a gander for the day, must admit, it was truly wonderful. We met Gail and Christopher in a pub - just down the road for a drink then on to his Exhibition so I took the opportunity to get him the other side of the lens( he turns out ok really)lol.
Go visit his Blog and wish him well on his hard work in putting a super show on. (VISIT HERE).

Well done ol' buddy, Good show.
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Gail's Man said...

Thanks Stuart. You've done a reasonable job of trying to make me look human. Another reason I prefer being behind the lens.

Teacher's Pet said...

I went to several of his blogs...and I adore his work. Thank you for including the link Stewart.

Darla said...

How cool is this?

Krista said...

This is awesome! Congratulations Christopher! :o)

Stuart... how do I get a shirt with your name on it??? LOL!