Saturday, 17 October 2009

Iv'e seen them (2)

Its time now to  enter the Cornish Piskies Home.
C'mon then, dont fall asleep sitting there all night, The Entrance door has apperared, and its
time to enter ----

We are now in the Night Garden, but we have a little way to go
to find the Piskies - my friends.

Its best if we all hold hands as we edge our way along through the Night Garden(we dont want anyone slipping down the bank into Oblivion, do we) -- its a little further down this pathway.

Well, we are almost at the point when we will see them---
We now stand at the point of entrance.
This is the time - - that if you are squeamish to flee and to go home, as we have to stand into this
pond, no one going home, fine body of Bloggers we have tonight then.
We stand in here hold hands with eyes shut tight, what happens is we think Piskies,
and we slowly sink into the pond - into there village, a Warning here though, if you do not
belive in the Cornish Piskies, you will drown - and be never seen again, but if you belive -
like I do - you will live and see where their village is, so -----
are you ready, (you fine looking lot of bloggers) This is it - the time to see the Cornish Piskies

Hold hands, eyes shut then we -------

Continue-- in the next post of Ive seen them.....
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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Wonderful photos of the search.

jinksy said...


Sunny said...

Oh this is such fun! I believe!
Sunny :)

Tom said...

I'm not holding your hand for love nor money.... but I have enjoyed these pictures and this adventure..... I await your next post.

Gattina said...

I think I would feel a little worried, it looks so eerie ! perfect for a Halloween entrance, lol !

Gail's Man said...

I was expecting to see Frankie Vaughan and Shakin Stevens behind that green door!

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Cornish piskies before. It's nice that you had the patience to wait for the illusive creatures.

Staffan H said...

Spooky! :-)

My favourite is, of course, the reflection.

George said...

I believe!!! I believe!!!

Teacher's Pet said...

Beautiful photos...and I LOVE the last one.
I believe...
I'm in for the duration!

Lew said...

That looks like a dark creature hiding in the water! Do Piskies lurk about in deep, dark pools?

RuneE said...

Your fantasy is IMACulate :-)