Thursday, 20 August 2009

London Weekend (7)

The Beauty of London.....
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Ackworth born said...

stunning shot

Anonymous said...

Returned last evening from Holland after a horrendous journey - not only British trains come to a holt on warm days, so do the Dutch. :(

£18 for a G&T, I wish I had been in London last weekend, I would have given your good wife and you a cup of tea and I would only have charged more £5 each, but I would have given one free biscuit. London isn't a cheap place to visit - Mother, Father couple of kids could spend +£100 a day just for meals and visits to tourist attraction, The Eye, Dungeon, etc.

Sorry I did not respond to the comments you left, but I didn't have ready access to a computer - I had previously scheduled daily postings to keep the blog ticking over.

Off now to do some shopping. :(

Anonymous said...

Beautiful....A place I hope to see soon.

Gail's Man said...

Are you refering to the lady in the picture or the Houses of Parliament!

George said...

A magnificent picture. I got a similar picture (minus the girl) when visiting my daughter while she was studying in London.