Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Air - Sea Rescue

St Ives Cornwall UK 2006.
Ello ello ello wots goin on ere then??
We learn that a chappie, while strolling, with his wife on their way down to the beach, decided to climb down the cliff to the beach.
Well! of course you have guessed - He falls off the cliff.
Better get the Air Sea Rescue chopper here then.
Here we see the Rescue chappie being lowered down to see whats what.

While we wait to see whats happening - lets have a closer look at the Chopper.

Ah, The Rescue chappie relays a message for a stretcher to be lowered down

We have lift off, the stretcher with the fella on who fell and the Rescue chappie being winched up to the Chopper.

We did learn the next day that the chappie who fell was not too badly hurt, just a broken arm,bruises, and shook-up.

We also heard that(may not be true)the chappie's wife had said "he will have more than a broken arm -when he gets home".


Denise said...

Dramatic rescue pictures. Glad the chappie was not more seriously hurt, bad enough I suppose. I would like to be a fly on that wall when he gets home :) I think perhaps he will think twice before trying to do his cliff climbing again.

Cezar and Léia said...

LOL This wife is clairvoyant !!!!!Or perhaps she put a bad curse on him! opsssssss
Glad to know he was least until getting home!


fishing guy said...

Mac: Really neat captures of the rescue.
That was so funny that it is worse when the chap gets home. My wife often told the kids that they were going to be sorry when dad gets home. Sometimes stupidity gets paid for twice.

Granny on the Web said...

Well I have heard that people who put themselves in jeopardy like this, have to pay towards the cost of the rescue! Maybe his wife has had the bill already...
Love Granny

Gail's Man said...

Hope it wasn't his drinking arm he broke!
You were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Unlike chappie.

Craver Vii said...

Nicely done, Imac! Nicely done.

George said...

If the wife's comment is true, the chappie may have more than a broken arm to worry about. Great photos of the rescue, however.

Marka said...

With some people, all one can do is shake one's head and move on.