Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Freefall from the Sky. Heckington Show 2008 UK

Jumping from the aircraft - FreefallingParachutes begin to open

Formation Flying

Coming in to land

The Red Devils Freefall Parachute Team

Next post will be a competition

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George said...

Great pictures of the parachute team. Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Splendid captures IMAC, wonderful SWF photos, and I love your new header. Such happy faces. You make a lovely couple. Congratulations on your third wedding anniversary.

Lew said...

Amazing show! you captured it well. I am just starting my rounds of blog world. We are now starting the time of year when every day there is something new around to see and photograph. Great picture of you and Julie!

skywind said...

Aerobatic performances, parachute tricks, and I enjoy. :)
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ancient one said...

Those photos of the parachute team really are great... probably better than seeing it in person...

Happy Anniversary!!

chrome3d said...

Third pic was the sensation. Where it all opened up to a beautiful flower, sort of.

Michele said...

Whoa... That was a fantastic show!
Almost like we were there...
Pretty awesome!!

Your header photo is absolutely delightful. I could not help but smile when I saw your faces!
Hugs to both♥

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Cezar and Léia said...

Congratulations for the 3rd year wedding anniversary!
I would like to share with you and your beautiful wife Julie, some words about “Love”that I wrote , because I dO believe in real love!

" Love does not mean to bring under control
You can share good moments and stronger to go on
Love is not being owner of the world
Love is freedom for your own choices,
Love is such a deep feeling …
Love is not competing desperately
Your victory is inside that sincere smile by your partner
Love is not disappointment suffered
Love is honesty, purity and truth"

God bless you
kind regards
Léia :-)

lv2scpbk said...

Nice action shots. I also really like the photo you have on top of your blog. Congrats on your anniversary.

Hyde DP said...

Phew that is something I wouldn't dare do - do they get the time to admire the view on their way down?

Pat - Arkansas said...

First: warmest congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I hope you both had a lovely day.

Those are amazing photos of the parachute team! Thanks for sharing.

Babooshka said...

These are spctacular.I'm quite envious.