Sunday, 3 August 2008

Grantham Canal. SSS Post

Julie and I took a Sunday walk along the Grantham Canal, a while ago, as we had a fairly bad Saturday, to cheers ourselves up.
This turned out to be a camera day for sure.
We walked towards Nottingham way for maybe 3/4 hr to nothing happening, so we decided to call it a day, when we got to where we leave the canal to the car, Julie says lets try going the other way towards Grantham, course me being me, I was up for it.
No sooner had we gone a few feet, Julie grabbed me by the arm and said "look here what ive spotted, course me being blind as a bat I had walked straight past.
Camera in shooting action, I stepped up to this catterpillar and snap,snap,snap, - well a few more snaps and I was pleased what I had taken.

I was ready for the off, when Julis had stopped a few paces donw the path with camera in her hand, Ok I says let the snapper chap have a look, mmm I says -some sort of fly, very colourful too, so more snaps and we were ready to head back to the car.

When I noticed a Butterfly and what a job I had to capture this beautiful creature, chasing along the canal - with camera at hand.
After 10 mins or so, I had my eye on this creature and just got 1 shot before it flew away, but I was happy with the outcome.
When wa got home I started downloading while Julie made Dinner.

We were in a happy mood so we cracked open a bottle of red wine and had a pleasent eve by the tv.
A worthy and pleasent day it turned out to be.

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babooshka said...

These are fabulous close ups. I took the same mysyterious creature today. I've told it's a hover fly, but I'm going to check this first.

Denise said...

I agree, just gorgeous. Amazing what we see on these lovely walks. When I became interested in photography for real, it opened up a whole new world to me. So happy I found your photos. You have an excellent eye for taking them and I look forward to visiting again.

RuneE said...

With those shots you are welcome to the red wine!

Anonymous said...

I just love walking along the banks of a canal.
Great shots Mac. :)

Denise said...

Fantastic S. Really love the close ups.

i beati said...

so lovely glow around edges

Gail's Man said...

You've been a right little David Attenborough today, haven't you? Good shots dear boy!

Salty said...

No better way to cheer oneself up than a little outing. Not only did you get you cheering up but you captured some really nice images as well! As a matter of fact I think I grab the wife and head out now, I feel like I need a little cheering up myself :)

Rose said...

Wonderful the close-ups!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Well done
Good job Julie was there to point this all out to you.. ;o)

fishing guy said...

Mac: Those are wonderful photos today, I really like the colorful caterpillar.