Saturday, 21 June 2008

60th Birthday Party.

Altho its not till Monday 23rdJune.

I celebrated my 60th birthday with a Party at Gonerby Social Club.
Around 88 people attended, with Steve Carlisle from Mike Penders Searchers, who entertained us until 11.30ish with some of The Searches numbers , also some nice slow smoochers and of course good ol Rock n Roll.

2 blogging friends from Nottingham attended (who I had not met before)
Gailsman with Gail and Zakscloset, we had a great time meeting up and had a good chat. Bless them - they came with gifts and cards and Zakscloset brought a Chocolate cake, mmmmmm (not to be eaten until Monday, says DW.)

A good time was had by all - I did get a little merry haha(quite a lot really) - and messed up my speech, doh.

To see a piccy please visit Gailsman blog.
From left to right - Gailsman - Zakscloset - and me imac. Photo was taken by Gail.
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Hyde DP said...

You'll off on the buses now then - not before 9.30 though.

smilnsigh said...

And look when I decided to return to my photo blog! Just in time to be able to wish you an early Very Happy Birthday!!!

And thanks to you, I went over and saw the picture from the party. And! Though I have seen your picture before, I have never see sweet Zakscloset. And it was soooo nice to do so. Thank you. And of course, I thanked, at Gailsman's blog too.

Again, early Happy Birthday.

And now I will simply go and pout to myself, about how much younger you are, than I am. -pout- -whine- -moan- -whimper-



photowannabe said...

Happy, Happy Birthday..looks like you had a wonderful party and were very "Merry". Many more to you too.

Julie said...

Hehehe! Let me tell you! He was giggling all over the place and very slurrrrrrrrry! Still, it's not everyday you get free eye tests and a Bus Pass, is it? Happy Birthday DH xxxxxxx
PS It was a great party, good music, good friends including cyber friends and a bit of bopping!

starnitesky said...

Happy Birthday for Monday, sounds like the party was great fun, how nice to meet some of your blogger friends! Congrats on reaching 60! I hope you will enjoy your bus pass etc.

Andrea said...

HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY a little early.
Sounds like you had a wonderful party.

Shannon H. said...

Happy *early* birthday!

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Imac!! How nice for the bloggers to come, too!!

Catherine said...

Hi Imac!
Happy 60th B~day!! Sounds like you had a great party, lot's of guest!! And meeting two bloggers ~nice birthday gift! Enjoy your Chocolate cake monday, and have a great B~day!! I went and checked out the pic~you look very festive in your colorful vest and jester hat!! :D
Wishing you many more happy b~day's!
Birthday ((HUGS))!!

Gattina said...

Happy happy birthday ! 60 is a nice age ! Believe me I will celebrate 65 in July !

babooshka said...

Big congrats. No age at all these days is it?

Cloudscome said...

Happy Birthday!!

YesBut said...

Where was my invitation.
Belated Happy Birthday

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday belatedly .. and welcome to the Swingin' Sixties .. its great ..


fishing guy said...

Mac: I wish you an early Happy Birtday, This is a big milestone for certain. Have a great day.

evlahos said...

happy birthday imac

smokepole said...

Special birthday wishes to imac from Tom and smokepole. looks like you had fun. happy day