Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Discoveries of Barnsdale Woods.

Discoveries we made while walking through Barnsdale Woods.

1) = First we came accross this little patch of Fungi, merrily growing on this Moss covered Log.

2) = Then we stumbled accross this huge hole in this moss covered log.
I could have sworn I saw 1or2 little peoples heads pop out then quickly dissappear again.

3) = As we strolled through the woods we came accross this tree house , there were many Ants nests within - fore the tree stump was crawling with them.

4) = Catkins and small cones growing on the same tree??? maybe -maybe not what I said they were.

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smilnsigh said...

I love photos from a woods walk. And yours do not disappoint.

But please, would you be more quiet next time... So you can catch a photo of the 'Little People'? We really, really want to see them, you know. :-)

And speaking of the 'Little People' ~ A story ~ It's a bit not-nice I suppose but... I was a young child. Anyway, I remember when my Grandfather died. He was the only Grandfather I got to know, and he lived with us. And my first thought was; "He was going to tell me about the little people, and now he can't." I know! Not a very nice thought for a little girl hu? But... what can I say? :-)


dot said...

Nice pictures! I would love to see the little people too.

Sigrunn said...

Fantastic photos, I can just imagine the little people. Nice to see your photos from Rutland Water and Belvoir Castle. I've been to Belvoir Castle once, but Rutland Water is a place I've visited many times. My husband is English, from Uppingham,Rutland,so most holidays have been spent there. It's a very nice part of the Midlands.
Have a nice day.

Sandy Kessler said...

What fun you explorers

Rose said...

Very nice photos...there is just something about hollowed out trees that gets my imagination to going. Whether it be a hole in a log or an actual standing tree. Whatever, I really like all these photos.

ANNA-LYS said...

What a lovely, interesting day that must have been, meeting the little people and trees both male and female

Gail's Man said...

It's almost like one of Alice's adventures in Wonderland.

Digital Polaroids said...

Beautiful woods!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful place and captures. I can almost see the rabbit and Alice

Old Wom Tigley said...

Neat discoveries Imac, always a pleasure to take these tours with you.

zakscloset said...

hmmm! beautiful nature!!