Friday, 4 April 2008

Wall of all walls

Who in the World built this Wall??
This was captured from a coach window - on a trip down to London.

This Photo was captured by DW. Julie, My Dear Wife.

Just look at the thought and work that went into building this wall
or - A few pints might have helped.
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'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

wonderfull IMAC,
Ths could be a map ,I like the colours too, do you know what I mean with "map"? very nice!

Thanks for the compliments you gave me, and your visit at my SKYWATCH


oldmanlincoln said...

Your photography is nice as it always is. I will comment more at another time as I just returned from hospital and am not back to normal.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

zakscloset said...

that's a cool wall! i like it! your wife is quite a photographer as well!

Jim said...

A few pints? Maybe quite a few. It makes for a neat wall.

Rose said...

I don't know who built it, but I am sure glad your DW captured it.

the teach said...

An interesting wall certainly, imac! But yes what was the wall builder thinking? Ha!

RuneE said...

I wonder - did they use loaves of bread?

Gail's Man said...

Great use of recycling old bricks. It looks like they are all different too.

KOSTAS said...

Hi Imac `' My Dear Wife! `' is very romantic!
Strange and curious technique! But even shaken the photograph portrays this paradoxical way constructing!

Marcos Santos said...

Important is that the wall still stands

Texas Travelers said...

I think they had too many pints. But the wall turned out great. Great photo of a great wall.

I like your sky watch Friday post also. I just joined SWF.

thanks, I'll be back and view the rest of your site later. I marked it in my favs

Old Wom Tigley said...

Well spotted tell DW.. I do like this and the thought behind it.. to use the bricks as they have as a great effect.
Jane says hello and thanks you for your comments.. I have had plenty of 'leg pulling' over her great pictures. She enjoys takening them but not all the time.

Sharon said...

Looks like someone with vertigo! :)

Catherine said...

I like it! It is unique! A nice capture by Mrs. Imac..:D

I'm all smiles now after catching up on all your excellent captures!
I really loved the welcome duck~ you were in the right place at exactly the right time~I think that duck knows you Imac,~knows what a great photographer you are, & wanted you to make him famous~so he gave you his best pose! :)
Have a terrific week!