Saturday, 2 February 2008

Building Bridges (1)

My Building Bridges is the Bridge of Time - linking the past(Terracotta Army)in the year 246BC to our present time of 2008AD. This is from the British Museum in London.

This is a New Theme Started by RuneE and his Team from Norway.
If anyone wishes to join please go to his Norwegian Site.
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RuneE said...

Thank you very much for joining us!

You have caught the spirit excellently - the thought of a BRIDGE in the widest possible sense. How you interpret it is up to you. From the Golden Gate to the Bridge of Time.

I liked the Bridge of Time very much indeed. It links the modern structures of today with the history of old. And a very good picture in addition.

Anyone else who wants to a have a look around?

Utah Mommy said...

Cool! O love the photo you took. Great shot! Happy weekend!


Middle Ditch said...

Nice shot

ANNA-LYS said...