Sunday, 1 January 2017

Photos of Christmas or New Year

Happy New Year Folks.
Hope ev1 Enjoyed their Christmas and New Year.

My selection of Photos are from our Christmas
Holiday in the Derbyshire Dales
Wheeldon Tree Farm Holiday Cottages
in Derbyshire.
Used to be a Farm now Holiday Cottages.

Although it rained  and a Very Strong Wind blew for the 1st  5 days the last day was sunny and no wind,  but we had a wonderful week away.
Such a Fantastic place and the owners were very Helpful and we had a Breakfast basket awaiting us on arrival. 

My Header
Our Cottage
Wonderful Cottage - Helpful Folk, 
I had fun with the Amazon Echo, never seen one of these, just tell it what to play and it finds it and plays. A-Maz-ing.

Julie soon got going playing  with her wool.

The row of Cottages, 

The Owners Cottage, always very Helpful and Friendly.

I was fascinated by this odd Tree.
I called it The Dragon Tree.

There's Sheep, Ducks, Chickens.
I loved this Cockerel and one of his hens.

Very strong winds, so only a very short walk.

A few of the scenes around here.

Really Beautiful.

Shadow Walkers, lol

The Last day the Winds dropped and sun shone
Say Bye Bye to rain and winds and say Hello to the Sun.

The last day was Beautiful, A walk of 2 miles to the Village pub for Lunch - then  a walk back to the Cottage  - catching the wonderful Sunset.

Misty Sunset
And the Magic of it all.

Hope ev1 enjoyed my story of our Christmas away from Home.

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George said...

This looks like a wonderful place for a holiday in spite of the bad weather.

Lew said...

A delightful, peaceful place! And you have captured it magnificently.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a place to stay, and photography opportunities to match. A Happy New Yesr to you both!