Saturday, 7 January 2017

Photos 4 Pleasure

Headbangers Challenge = while we are in winter mode and we are busy we will be posting Photos 4  Pleasure, it save time with voting  and finding new photos for each  weekly theme.

So, Please go visit The other HEADBANGERS.

You will find these Lovely folk on my side bar - near my Shield

For My 1st Post, Im showing some photos from 
Rufford Abbey - Nottinghamshire.

My Header

Little info of Rufford Abbey

A Little B/W

Thats yer lot Folks.
for now - TheGrounds will be shown at a later Time.



Anonymous said...

Obviously a place to visit. I suppose you made the brochure? It certainly looks that way - marvellous :-)

George said...

It's a pleasure to see your photos of this beautiful place. I look forward to seeing more.